9 Best Baby Night Light Of 2024- Reviews & Parents Guide

Your baby toddler is the apple of your eye. You spend your entire day watching them laugh, play, and have a good time. It’s even a pleasure for you to attend to their every whim, like changing their diaper or feeding them.

Come night time, and the same activity can seem like a challenging ordeal. You’ll have a tough time waking up to the sound of your baby crying and walking over to the nursery in the middle of the night.

The bright ceiling lights might seem like the blazing sun to your blurry eyes at 2 am.

A suitable dim light may be the answer in these cases. You can opt to purchase the best baby night light and set it up in the nursery.

It will create a calming ambiance with the subtle glowing light while you attend to your baby. They will be able to sleep more peacefully as well.

Here are the best baby night lights to help kids fall asleep. Here we go!

9 Best Baby Night Lights Reviews Of 2024

This minimalistic infant night light with fantastic accessibility features has it’s own smartphone Hatch Baby app. You can color and brightness of the nightlight with one tap.

Install the Android or iOS app on your smartphone and set it to turn on or off according to your baby’s sleep schedule.

The built-in sound machine can produce sleepy tunes and help your baby sleep at night. The subtle blue aura and white noise create the most suitable ambiance at night for any toddler.

You can assure yourself of safety due to the intuitive toddler-lock feature. Sleep experts around the world recommend the product.

Made of sturdy plastic and weighing only 270 grams, this can be a perfect gift for any couple who just had a newborn welcomed to their family.

The manufacturers have innovatively designed the portable nightlight as playful toys to blend in with the nursery's internal décor.

There is a projection feature in this baby room night light that can create a stellar atmosphere on the ceiling.

The built-in sound machine has shusher mode and a lullaby mode that can help you put your little one to sleep at night.

There are four majestic lullabies and nature sounds already preloaded into this projection night light.

You can say goodbye to rocking your baby’s crib or walking around with your baby. If you have this baby night light, you can easily put your little one to sleep.

The mesmerizing lights from along with the soothing lullabies from the sound machine will do the trick for you!

The built-in light projector can also cast an enchanting display of stars and galaxies on the nursery ceiling. You can keep your toddler busy while you take care of your chores.

The nightlight is entirely portable, requiring no cables to operate.

So you can take it with you in the car or to a public gathering to help soothe your baby in case they start to cry.

If you’re mostly away from the nursery while your toddler spends a large portion of their day in there, you might want to invest in a baby monitor.

Besides that, one cannot understate the utility and function of an infant night light. Luckily, this fantastic product combines both these features.

You can listen in on your baby using your smartphone as the speaker and the led night light as the receiver.

Just install the app on your phone and forget about other clunky baby monitor gadgets.

The baby sound machine has pre-installed snooze sounds and white noises along with a rainbow aura of colors from the built-in LEDs.

The LED clock at the base is a nice touch to the design as well.

The best baby night lights are designed to be most effective for babies and toddlers.

The manufacturers have taken this concept one step further and made sure that the kids can operate this toddler night light.

There is an intuitive sun/moon or day/night icon set up on the built-in clock. It will tell your toddler when to wake up or go to sleep even if they can’t tell the time yet.

They can browse between 17 beautiful nature sounds and choose one that feels soothing to them while they sleep.

There are three brightness settings along with a touch-control setup.

Are you one of those parents who’s worried that the sharp edges of a nightlight might hurt your young one?

Then you can choose this toddler night light without batting an eye.

The soft silicone material used in the outer shell makes this night light squishy and fun to play with.

The night light is battery-powered and needs no cord. So, there’s no risk of your child getting hurt by tripping on it either.

There are nine settings to set the color of the glow, and your kid will love each of them. Your baby will feel attracted by the toyish design and carry it with them while they move.

There’s a remote control included with the kids night light so that you can control the light from a distance as well.

The basic sturdy nightlight is made of baby-safe PP material.

The manufacturers believe in zero redundancy and no additional smartphone apps. It’s merely plug-and-play with all the control buttons on the front-facing surface.

Combining a white sound machine with the nightlight can help you sleep with lullaby sounds or focus on a task with concentrating soundtracks.

You can switch between both modes and set a timer according to your needs.

With 31 intuitive, natural sounds and 0-100 dimmable lights, you can choose this soft glowing nightlight for your baby for sleeping time, feeding time, or playing time alike!

Instead of the classic starry themes or galactic skies that most night lights project, this nightlight offers an added layer of customizability with ocean floor projection.

If your toddler finds little fish and friendly sear creatures more mesmerizing than the stars, this infant night light can save you from an incredible hassle.

The light projector can be rotated to a full 360-degrees. You can cover the entire nursery ceiling with a soothing aura while your baby goes to sleep.

There are eight color option modes that you can control with the buttons on the side.

The device is operated by regular AAA batteries and requires no cords. SO you can move this projection night light around in the room if you need to.

Made with 100% ABS plastic that’s safe for your baby, this night light features all the perks that can make it a best-seller.

You can operate the entire control panel by touch and use it intuitively without having to fiddle with the buttons.

The light emitted by this best baby night light is anti-flicker, meaning it won't disrupt your vision or sleep. The ambient night light needs no cables and is portable due to having powerful rechargeable batteries.

The juice tends to last about 6 hours without interruption. So, you can take the night lamp with you on a camping trip to soothe your baby in the wild.

The IP65 waterproof rating is an added benefit that increases the perks!

How to Choose Best Night Light for Baby- A Parents Guide

Getting the best night light for nursery might seem like a pretty simple task to do. But there are some crucial factors you need to keep track of.

Here, we have listed some of the things you need to consider when buying a best baby night light.

Cord Length

Baby night lights tend to have a shorter power cord. You need to consider the distance between the baby crib and the power outlet in your nursery.

If you have a power outlet near the crib, the short cord length won’t be an issue. But the outlet might turn out to be a safety hazard for the baby itself.

On the other hand, placing a night light too far might render it useless since the dim light won’t even reach the crib at night.

A good idea might be to buy a portable battery-operated toddler night light.

Type of Bulb

The bulb can be a crucial factor in determining the longevity of your infant night light.

If the bulb is replaceable, you’re good to go. You can change the bulb once it gets fused out.

However, if the night light features built-in LEDs, you should be concerned. Get a product that has a reliable warranty policy in case you run into any issue with it.

Color & Intensity of the Light

If you have one of the best night lights for toddlers with a replaceable bulb, opt for a blue shade.

While it’s not entirely backed by science, the subtle glow of dim indigo hues can stimulate a feeling of relaxation in your baby’s mind.

They’ll sleep better, and you’ll have a comfortable night as well.

Also, remember to get a light bulb that’s not too bright or harsh on the eyes.

Try and test out the toddler night light in your room for a few nights before setting it up at the nursery.

If you feel that the brightness is disruptive to your sleep, you might not want that for your baby.

Extra Features

Some manufacturers install additional gadgets like thermometers, humidifiers, and sound machines into toddler night lights.

Some even have motion sensors and you can control them by automated timers.

Consider whether you want these extra features or if you’re willing to spend the extra buck.

If the basic functionality satisfies you, pick any of the best night light for baby and it’ll be good to go.

Bottom Line

The best baby night light can be a handy addition to your nursery. It’ll help your young one sleep at night without disruptions, which, in turn, ensures a good night’s sleep for you too!

Even if you have to get up to attend to your crying infant, the subtle glowing aura will help you navigate around the nursery.

You can do it all without burdening your sleepy eyes in the middle of the night.

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