7 Best Baby Safety Gates 2024- (Reviews & Guide)

Best Baby Gates

That bundle of joy comes with a variety of responsibilities to a parent. And among the most important is to ensure their safety.

Toddlers are a curious lot, and they taste and test everything in their wake. As a result, they are more prone to injuries and accidents.

You can never be 100% careful. Statistics show that small babies are prone to steam burns in the kitchen, falls in a bathroom or down the stairs, and poisonings.

So what can you do when the little one wants to get their hands on everything? Do you scold them or do you keep everything out of reach?

The most efficient way of ensuring baby safety is by getting the best baby gates.

You can prevent accidents through barriers.

Best Baby Safety Gates
  • Material: Metallic.
  • Type: Pressure mounted.
  • Dimensions: 28"-48" Wide and 36" Tall.
  • Product Weight: 21 lbs. 

Adjustability and flexibility are some of the most critical features that determine whether a particular baby gate is a good quality or not. An adjustable baby gate is easy to use on a variety of door spaces, and of course, you can use it at the top of the stairs or the bottom.

It has an attractive design, and will not seem out of place in any way especially when the guests arrive. Some aesthetic appeal is always vital in contemporary products, and it is a good thing when it is on a baby gate. In the majority of the cases, best baby gates are visible to everyone that comes to your home.

This baby gate is metallic, and therefore it is durable and secure. It is strong, and no amount of rocking will render the baby gate weak. As the children get older, they also become stronger, and a sturdy safety gate is essential.

This pressure mounted baby gate also comes with extra hardware to ensure a secure installation in specific areas such as at the top of the stairs. Essentially, this is not a standard feature among the pressure mounted gates, and that makes it the best.

It is also important to mention that pressure mounting does not leave any marks on the wall, and may be preferable for most people. And at 21 lbs, the baby gate is not too heavy to move from one place to the other as is necessary.


  • Adjustable to use on a variety of door spaces.
  • It is easy to install.
  • The baby gate has an attractive design.
  • The baby gate is metallic and therefore durable and secure.
  • Comes with extra hardware for secure installation at the top of the stairs.
  • Pressure mounting does not leave any marks on the walls.


  • Installation may not be an easy task for some people.
  • Several users report that the pressure mounted baby gate bows out during installation.
  • Material: Metallic.
  • Type: Pressure mounted.
  • Dimensions: 29.5" tall and 29.5" - 35".
  • Product Weight: 12.7 lbs.

The best baby gates should be easy to use, and this product by munchkin is as easy as it can get. It is easy to install and use.

It is the best stair gate because it is most appropriate for the top of the stairs, and at the bottom of the stairs. And like the best baby gate, it has a simple lockable mechanism that ensures the safety of the baby while giving you excellent access. Some of the baby gates on the market may not have a lockable mechanism and an easy-to-open barrier.

The dual locking system is child proof, and you don't have to worry about the little kid figuring it out anytime soon. You can, therefore, do your laundry with a peace of mind.

It also comes with a choice between pressure mounting and hardware mounting. Pressure mounting is easy and most appropriate for people that do not want to leave marks on the walls. On the other hand, hardware mounting uses mounting cups for a secure and robust installation.


  • The baby gate has an attractive design.
  • It is easy to install and use.
  • The pressure mounting does not leave marks on the wall.
  • A lockable mechanism that allows adults to use easily.


  • There may be problems with the latch.
  • installation may not be as simple.
  • Material: Steel frame construction.
  • Type: Freestanding.
  • Dimensions: 92.1 x 0.4 x 28 inches.
  • Product Weight: 0.64 ounces.

The baby gate and play yard combined is one of the most popular baby safety equipment on the market. But what does his popularity ride on?

For starters, the structure is lightweight and compact for easy storage and portability. You can quickly move it from one place to the other with much ease. The baby gate is versatile and incorporates four separate designs to ensure the safety of your baby.

For example, you can convert it to a play yard where the child can play with the toys as you do something else around the house. You can also use it as a barrier to prevent the child from getting too close to such places as the fireplace. It is also appropriate for mounting at the top of the stairs.

Another feature that makes it one of the best-rated baby gates for top of stairs is its durablity and quality construction.

The steel construction meets all the safety standards to ensure that your child is safe throughout the day.


  • The adjustable baby gate is lightweight and compact for portability.
  • Has an attractive design.
  • It is easy to use.
  • The baby gate as versatile and you can use it as a barrier and play yard.
  • Steel construction to ensure the safety of your child throughout the day.


  • The latch may not work properly.
  • The baby gate cannot be adequately durable.
  • Material: Metallic.
  • Type: Freestanding.
  • Dimensions: 7.2 x 7.2 x 3 inches.
  • Product Weight: 4.41 pounds.

Your baby's playtime no longer needs to be a time of so much tension and worry. With the best baby safety gates such as this one, peace of mind is only a quick set up away.

The baby gate is easy to install and use. It only takes a few minutes to install the barrier, and your baby has sufficient space to play. The heavy-duty metal construction ensures that it is strong enough to take the beating and the playfulness of the child.

The one hand operation is one feature that most mothers will find useful. It is no secret that mothers rarely have both a hands-free; therefore, this structure is one of the best tops of stairs baby gates.

And even though it has a one-hand operation feature, the double locking mechanism ensures that the baby is always safe even when you are away. The compliance with JPMA is a source of peace of mind because you know that the child will be safe. The product does not have any harmful substances.


  • The baby gate is easy to install and use.
  • Sturdy metal construction for durability and stability.
  • comes with one hand operation to make it easy for mothers to access different areas.
  • Double locking mechanism to ensure the safety of the child.
  • Complies with JPMA safety standards.


  • The quality of the mounting screws is not the best.
  • Your pets may get their head stuck between the railings.
  • Material: 24 months or less.
  • Type: Hardware or pressure mounting.
  • Dimensions: 28” - 42” wide 26” high.
  • Product Waight: 8.15 pound.

With a dual lock swinging door and other essential features to keep the child safe, this is the best pressure mounted baby gate for parents and their children. For starters, the double locking mechanism is baby proof, and the little one may take quite a while before they can figure it out.

By the time they figure out the locking mechanism, they will be old enough to go down the stairs by their own, and you will not need the baby gate.

It has one of the most attractive designs on the market. You will admit that it is quite a spectacle when installing at the bottom of the stairs or the top of the stairs. You can also use it as a baby gate for the bottom of the stairs with only one wall.

You can choose to hardware mount it or pressure mount it depending on your preference and needs. Hardware mounting is more secure and safer than pressure mounting. It is one feature that makes this product the best gate for the top of the stairs.

You are going to love the sturdy hinges that allow easy access for the adults. The baby gate doesn't have to restrict access to everyone, and which is a problem with some of the products on the market.


  • The baby gate has an attractive design.
  • You can use hardware, and pressure mount it.
  • The baby gate is easy to install.
  • Strong hinges for easy access.
  • Durable material.


  • The pressure mounting may not be strong enough.
  • It may not be easy for one hand operation.
  • Material: Metallic.
  • Type: Hardware mounting/ pressure mounting.
  • Dimensions: 38.5 x 2 x 30 inches.
  • Product Weight: 0.32 ounces.

The Regalo brand is one of the most popular, with years of experience making baby products. As a result, you can expect the baby gate to be quality, convenient and easy to install.

Hardware mounting baby gates are always better than any other type of equipment on the market. It has a metallic frame to ensure durability and stability. The baby gate stands the test of time to offer excellent service until the baby does not need it anymore.

The fact that it is expandable up to 38.5", means that it can feed a variety of spaces around the house. For example, you can install it at the top of the stairway or even at different doorways.

Installation is effortless, and all you need is a little mounting, and the barrier is all set to keep the baby safe. It is portable, convenient and packable. Therefore, it is easy to store it anywhere in the house.

It is, therefore, the best retractable baby gate that you will love using.


  • Hardware mounted for stability and reliability.
  • It is easy to install.
  • Metallic frame for stability and durability.
  • It is expandable and can fit openings of up to 38.5."
  • Good quality baby gate for the top of stairs.


  • The latches may sometimes have a problem.
  • some people find the design to be poor.
Best Baby Safety Gates
  • Material: Metallic.
  • Type: Freestanding.
  • Dimensions: 151" Long, 30" High.
  • Product Weight: 34.5 Pounds.

This enclosure has up to six versatile panels. It can convert to a play yard, a barrier or even a room divider, making it one of the best baby gates. Substantially, the play yard encloses up to 10 square feet, which in most cases is sufficient space for the baby to play with the toys.

It is the kind of equipment that ensures the safety of the child while you work on the other chores in the house.

The hardware mounted barrier is up to 12 feet wide to cover the space around the stairs and some rooms such as the kitchen. Hardware mounted barriers are stable and secure for the child to bring down. You will love the gate panel that allows easy access into the structure.

And unlike some of the barriers on the market, the panels have pivot points to allow angled installation.


  • It is versatile and converts to a play yard, a barrier, and a room divider.
  • Encloses up to 10 square feet.
  • A 12 feet wide hardware mounted fence.
  • It is made of metal for strength and reliability.
  • Pivot point on panels to allow angled installation.


  • Maybe too big to install at the top of the stairs.
  • The enclosure may be a little expensive.

Types of Best Baby Gates

There are various types of baby gates, and the most popular is:

The Pressure Mounted Gates

Pressure mounted baby gates are the easiest to install and function the same way with pressure rods. All you need to do is install the baby gate where you need it, and the pressure keeps it in place.

And because you don't need tools and hardware to install a pressure mounted gate, it is easy to move from one place to the other.

No drilling is necessary, and so the pressure mounted gates may not be the safest and the most appropriate for stairs. They may be easy to move forward as the child gets stronger and more substantial. Ideally, use pressure-mounted gates at the bottom of the stairs or between rooms, where there is no risk of falling over.

Other than the pressure mounted gates, there is one more:

Hardware Mounted Gates

Hardware mounted gates require various equipment and actions such as screws, drilling, brackets, nails and sometimes hammering. Therefore, they are more secure than their pressure mounted counterparts. The style is more popular with the best baby gate for the top of stairs based on reliability, and strength.

Hardware mounted gates are the best used at the top of the stairs, and where you need a strong barrier to prevent the child from accessing a particular area or space.

The pressure mounted gates are kinder on the walls since no drilling nailing is necessary.

Things to Consider When Choosing Best Baby Gates

The Place to Use

The baby gate that you would you was on top of the stairs is not the same one use with other areas in the house. The best gate for the top of the stairs is more sturdy and secure to prevent access to the stairs.

Also, the safety gate for the top of stairs may not be the same that you need to cordon off certain rooms are spaces in the house. The baby gate that you use in the sitting room should be lightweight and flexible to move quickly, when the baby is sleeping or when you move them to another place.

The ideal baby gate for you also depends on preferences. Maybe you don't want to drill the wall or the surrounding timber when installing the best baby gates for stairs. If that is the case, then the pressure mounted baby gate is the most appropriate for you.

Measure The Gap

The spaces between the wall and the railings that run along the stairs are not standard in all the homes. Therefore, it is critical to take the measurements before you can purchase a baby gate.

The gap measurement also determines the type of baby gate that is most appropriate for you. For example, you may find the pressure mounted model suited to your needs based on the stair spaces that you have.

The same applies to baby gates for difficult stairs. You must get the right measurements to ace it.

You will still need to measure the gap if you decide to make your custom baby gate using the available materials. There’s no escaping this requirement.

The Child’s Height

The recommended age for installing baby gates is between 6 and 24 months. Ideally, it should be when the child learns to crawl around, and the stairs become a safety risk for them.

However, you may choose to wait until the baby attains a certain height. Babies develop differently depending on several factors such as genes. Therefore, what may be useful for one baby may not be for another.


A flexible baby gate makes it easy for you to open and close as is necessary. Ideally, the best child safety gate should allow easy access for adults and other older children without problems. It does not need to be permanent because the child will eventually grow - they always do.

Therefore, it is always better to purchase a ready-made baby gate to avoid problems associated with installation and uninstallation. That is especially true if you are also looking for the baby gates for difficult stairs.

It will not be right to poke holes all over the place when installing the baby gate only to remove it after 24 months.

Raising a child may not be as easy as you may think, but that does not mean it should affect free movement and access to various places in the house.


All the equipment used around babies should be safe. Little children are vulnerable to a host of substances such as paint, and you should ensure that the baby gate you're purchasing is safe.

Juvenile products manufacturers Association is the main body that certifies the products used by babies or around babies. JPMA tests the products and makes sure that they comply with the safety standards.

Therefore, whether you have a bottom of stairs baby gate or any other type, it should have a JPMA sticker.

Whether you are purchasing the best baby gates for stairs with banisters or any other popular model, you may want to check for ASTM standards certification. This is another safety standard. It indicates that the manufacturer complies with international safety standards to ensure that your child is safe at all times.

These safety standards mean that the baby safety gates do not have harmful substances that may be toxic to the little children. If anything, the manufacturers do not use harmful paint, and the nails are well in place. Nothing is protruding to cause injury to the child.

But even with the necessary certifications, you should check the equipment for safety. For example, the baby gate should not have sharp corners that can injure the children. Most children as they grow up do not have the right balance and grip and will fall several times before they learn how to do it.

Sharp objects and spaces will pose a safety risk to the children, and that is not the primary goal.

Also, make sure that the space between the railings is not so much for the baby to put their head inside.

Baby And Pet Barriers

Some of us have pets in our homes. Therefore, the need to keep your home safe for both the baby and Pets is necessary.

Therefore, when choosing a safety gate, you will need to think about the pets, and the areas that you need to cordon off to pets and the children. For example, the baby gates for the bottom of the stairs with banisters should have small spaces to prevent the pets from going between them, while also keeping the baby safe.


As you will notice from the above baby gates reviews, baby safety gates come in different materials, and the most appropriate for you may depend on the cost, preference and the area that you need to prevent access.

The most common materials include plastic, wood, and metal. Metallic baby gates are the most sturdy and reliable to keep the child from the stairs. However, wooden and plastic baby gates are the cheapest and the most flexible for the best baby gate for banister.

It will also depend on the area that you are going to install the baby gate. For example, the stairs need the metallic baby gate, while other areas such as the sitting room will do quite fine with wooden and plastic models. This is where flexibility and portability are essential.


Cost should not come in between when making the purchase decision for the best child gates. But what do we mean? Does that mean you should purchase the most expensive?

Far from it!

And even though it is prudent to choose the most cost-friendly baby gate, don't go for the cheapest. It is common knowledge that cheap products are not the best quality, and that is not a good thing when it comes to children.

Many considerations go into the best baby safety gate, and cheap equipment may not fulfill all the requirements. Safety for the child is critical, and that may come at a cost.

In the majority of the time, quality is never the cheapest, because it involves a significant amount of resources and research. Therefore, the best child gates for stairs with banisters may not be the most affordable.

How Much Do Baby Safety Gates Cost?

The cost of baby Gates varies depending on the brand, model and quality. However, safety gates are not too expensive compared to other baby equipment designed to keep them safe. Typically, avoid poor quality products, and it is better to spend extra than end up with poor quality.

Like every other product on the market, various factors determine the price of the baby safety gate. Among them is finishing.

The type of finishing can be a risk to the health of the baby, and it needs to be safe. It is also essential to determine the quality of the baby safety gate. Strong and durable is always better for all types of baby gates including the best baby gate for large opening.

Regardless, the safety of the baby is more important than how much you are going to save on a particular product. Therefore, avoid cheap products under all costs, or it is going to turn out a bad decision.

The average price of safety baby Gates is between $30 and $140.

The pressure mounted wooden gate is the cheapest while the 24-inch wall mounted get is among the priciest.

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When Should I Install Baby Gates?

The best time to put up a baby gate is when the baby is between 7 and ten months. In the majority of cases, this is the time that they start crawling, and their curiosity gets the better of them.

However, you can install as early as when the baby is six months old. This time is appropriate to cover them and ensure the baby’s safety soon enough. Some of these children seem to be in a hurry to get somewhere, and it is always good to be on the safe side.

Babies tend to progress very quickly from the first tentative movements. Before you know it, the baby that couldn't go anywhere may come tumbling down the stairs when you least expect it.

Statistics show that the leading cause of emergency visits for children under the age of 2 is falling down the stairs. Ideally, you should install a safety gate at the top and the bottom of the stairs. However, the top part is the most critical.

Ideally, the best baby gates for stairs, screwed to the walls are the best. They are stable and secure to prevent the baby from accessing the stairs or any other room in the house that they shouldn't access.

How to Install Baby Safety Gates?

Installing the baby gates for the top of stairs may not be so hard as long as you follow the instructions. Typically, there are numerous types of baby safety gates on the market, and each has its instructions. Follow them to the letter to ensure that it is secure where it is supposed to be.

A pressure fit baby gate one of the simplest to install, and it may not require any tools. However, they need to be sturdy, rigid and secure on flat spaces on both sides. Therefore, you must make sure to get the right fit.

Unlike the pressure fit baby gates, hardware mounted baby gates require various tools to install. However, they are most appropriate for specific areas such as the stairs.

Measure the area that you need to install the baby gate, and take the measurements to the baby store. When purchasing, make sure the baby gate is certified safe by the local children safety organization. In the United States, that is the role of JPMA.

Make sure to read the instructions before we can proceed with the installation. In the majority of cases, the setup for each brand and type of baby gate varies between models.

Move on to attach the gate on a study flat wall, and make sure that it is appropriately secure. For the hardware mounted baby gates, connect the mounting systems according to the instructions, and make sure that the system is stable.

There should be no movement. Some baby gates have soft pads rubber to protect the wall against scratching.

When Can You Stop Using Baby Gates?

Baby gates are critical safety equipment that prevents babies from accessing some areas to ensure their safety. However, it comes a time when the baby gates are not necessary, because they no longer serve their purpose. But how do you know when to uninstall a baby gate?

According to consumer reports, the most appropriate age for baby gates is between 6 months and two years. It is also time to uninstall the baby gate when their chin reaches the top of the safety gate.

If a child finally figures out how to open the baby gate, or how to climb over it, then it is time to remove it. Keeping it longer may be a safety risk to them.

Once the little bundle of joy outgrows the baby gate, start teaching them how to use the stairs, and put measures in place to ensure their safety. For example, childproof your kitchen by keeping specific equipment out of their reach.

There are various uses of the baby gate, and you don't need to throw it away into the dustbin. For example, you can use it to cordon off certain areas during your child's party.


The best baby gates ensure the safety of the little children especially when you are not around to keep an eye on them. When it comes to toddlers, you can never be too careful, and you need to take specific measures in place to ensure their safety.

Choosing baby gates is never an easy task, and there are various features that you need to look out for to ensure you get the right equipment. The above products are some of the best on the market, and you cannot go wrong choosing any of them.

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