7 Best Toddler Bike Helmet Of 2024 – [Easy Reference Guide]

Best toddler bike helmet

There's nothing more thrilling and entertaining than watching your little one ride a bicycle. When slowly get into the bicycle and start pedaling, somehow dare to take their feet off the ground, and off to fly!

And Thud! Crash! Boom!

Oh ho! What made them hug their bicycle so tight by saying a big "hello" to the ground??

Well, the very fact to appreciate in the toddlers. Yes, they put their zeal and their bicycle back on track, and never give up until learn to ride the bicycle without any help!

So, as a responsible parent, we must encourage and support our little by nurturing their aims. A child can aim higher if they find their parents are confident about them and they support their thoughts no matter how hard it is.

Thus, it is our responsibility to constantly encourage them by guiding and letting them have the safety precautions while riding. You can just put a pair of spare wheel for the beginner riders.

If it is your little one's first ever ride or he/she has been riding the bicycle for ages, making them cultivate the habit of wearing a helmet saves their lives from danger.

If you are out to buy the best bike in the market for your naughty little monster, then, make sure you buy the best toddler bike helmet too!

Well, I know the dilemma that we face while choosing among a wide range of toddler bike helmets. As there are umpteen options available in the market, it becomes quite a headache to decide which one to go for!

Thus, here's something that could help you choose the best toddler bike helmet for your little one. Make a list of your priorities and requirements. This will surely help as a filter by filtering among the huge range of options and sorting them into the ones you may like.

Remember that the toddler bike helmet or any other helmet for that matter should be replaced every 5 years as a measure of safety.

Be very particular in wearing the helmet in a proper and right manner. If, by chance, it is not placed properly, then, it may not be able to save at the very instance.

  • Suitable for: Age 4 to 6 years.
  • Size: 47 cm to 54 cm.
  • Exclusive features: Extended coverage, Tri-glide sliders, Dial-adjust system.
  • Overall rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars.

Exhibiting the essential and satisfying the requirements of the customers, this wonderful helmet has proved its worth by bagging these umpteen features:


Just to be slightly different, this helmet appears to be resembling the mountain bike helmet. Also, it assures the proper coverage on the back of your little one's head.


To serve many children with different and varying head shapes, this helmet is designed in 2 different sizes.

Your child can fit into the helmet measuring 47 cms to 54 cms. If you have a grown-up child, he or she can fit into the helmet which measures about 50 cms to 57 cms.


This amazing helmet sticks to words by providing promising quality. Thus, one can make an investment in buying this helmet which lasts long.

Ergo Fit:

It fits just the right way you ever wanted to be without any hassle. You can easily adjust the helmet as it is designed to be adjustable and the straps help the helmet to stay in place without moving.

Our Take:

The amazing features induced makes the helmet a must buy!

  • Suitable for: Age 1 to 8 years.
  • Size: Small (18.5" - 20.5”) and Medium (20.5” - 22”).
  • Exclusive features: Meets CPSC standards, Extreme comfort.
  • Overall rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars.

With most of the awesome features that the buyers demand, this amazing toddler bike helmet is here to exhibit its versatility by these extraordinary features:


To better fit for the toddlers from 1 to 4 years, this exclusive helmet is designed in 2 different sizes. The small size measures about 18.5'' to 20.5'' whereas the medium sized helmet measures 20.5'' to 22''.

Thus, do not forget to measure your little one's head by using a tape or a string for the exact fit.

Pinch Guard:

Frustrated of your little one crying for the pinch? Here's the solution! The pinch guard present makes wearing of the helmet easier than ever before.


You can find the extended visor which promises to provide extra protection during a fall or collision.

Air Vents:

The helmet provides a combination of 14 air vents which is then integrated with the bug mesh to provide more safety.

Our Take:

On the urge of making every kid comfortable and happy, this beautiful helmet has made an effort in providing a better fit and guaranteed safety.

  • Suitable for: Toddlers between 2 to 5 years old.
  • Size: 45 cm to 53 cm.
  • Exclusive features: Comfortable and lightweight, Dial-adjust system.
  • Overall rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars.

To meet the requirements of the customers and to provide all the essential features, this amazing helmet is here which is one of the best toddler girls bike helmets:


To be lighter in weight, this cute helmet is constructed by adapting in-mold construction.

You can also find the EPS liner for proper positioning of the helmet and better fit on your little one's head.

Pinch-Guard Buckle:

Well, the crying of your little one might wreck your nerves every time you make them wear the helmet. Isn't it? Don't worry! Now, you can enjoy making them wear their helmets by skipping the "Crying out loud" thing! How?

This helmet offers the pinch-guard buckle to soothe your little one while wearing the helmet.

Ponytail Compatible:

As the girl baby is obsessed with her ponytail, it is quite mandatory for parents to hunt for the best toddler bike helmet for girls which are compatible with the ponytail!

Here you go! You found the perfect one for your daughter or granddaughter or for any other baby girls!

Our Take:

To yield a better result, this awesome helmet is made to better fit with the necessary safety features.

  • Suitable for: Age 2 to 4 years.
  • Size: XS (45 cm to 47 cm)
    S (49 cm to 53 cm).
  • Exclusive features: Great value for money, Extreme comfort, Ponytail compatible.
  • Overall rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Being one of the best bike helmets for toddlers, this amazing helmet is bound to exhibit the amazing features induced:


To make the riders comfortable, this amazing helmet is designed to be in-mold. Also, the EPS liner makes the helmet even more comfortable.

Pinch-Guard Buckle:

To ease the wearing and adjusting of the helmet, this cute helmet makes an effort in providing the pinch-guard buckle for extreme comfort.

Ponytail Compatible:

Well, if you are a parent of a girl child, then, I understand it is quite hard to find the right helmet which fits properly on your girl especially when she is wearing a ponytail.

This cute helmet is specially designed to be ponytail compatible so that the girl kids are never let down just because they do not have the right fit!

Our Take:

With all the beneficiary features, your little one can now ride and play with the bicycle without any hassle with all the safety features induced!

Best Toddler Bike Helmet
  • Suitable for: Age 1 to 4 years.
  • Size: 46 cm to 52 cm.
  • Exclusive features: Unique designs, Super light, Better Fit.
  • Overall rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars.

By bagging the useful features, this amazing helmet is definitely one of the best toddler helmet 2024!:

Complete Coverage:

Just so you know, not many helmets are CPSC 1 + certified. But, the Lazer Baby On Board has the qualities to be CPSC 1+certified.

Now, you might be wondering what actually is the difference that the certification can make? The helmet which is CPSC 1+ certified can offer to an extended coverage and helps you in protecting the neck and head of your little ones.


The Lazer BOB helmet is manufactured in one size. Thus, check whether your baby's circumference measures about 46-52 cms. If yes, this amazing helmet better suits and properly fits your little one's head without any hassle.


A part of this extraordinarily beautiful helmet is due to the adaption of hardshell construction. Thus, this is a typical quite high-budget helmet which is equally worth for its useful features.

  • The locking sliders help to stay the helmet in a proper position.
  • Suits the best for babies and toddlers.
  • Various cute designs to choose for.
  • CPSC 1+ certified.
  • The vents might lead to sweaty heads.
  • The adjustability is quite unreliable.

Our Take:

Being one of the few helmets to be CPSC 1+ certified, this helmet definitely grabs the customers attention.

  • Suitable for: 24 months or less.
  • Size: XXS-S (46cm-52cm), M-L (52cm-58cm), XL-XXL (58cm-63cm).
  • Exclusive features: Lightweight construction, Coolmax paddings.
  • Overall rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Being one of the lightweight helmets, this wonderful-looking helmet has got many other features:


As this beautiful helmet is constructed by adopting the high tech in-mold construction, this very reason is responsible for making the helmet lighter in weight.

When compared to other helmets made of hard shell construction, this beautiful helmet beats them by being lighter in weight.


You can choose among the 3 different sizes it offers for a proper and comfortable fit.


The helmet can further be adjusted as it offers the extra additional ads for a better fit. As your child grows, the usage of the additional pads might not be necessary.

Coolmax Pads:

The Coolmax pads used here are hygienic, and they are made with extra soft foam.

Comfort Guaranteed:

The features induced in this wonderful helmet such as 12 air inlets, the fidlock magnetic buckle, and the air channels offer extreme comfort and safety.

Cute Designs:

Not only focused on being lighter in weight, this breezy helmet for 2-yearold offers you the best possible designs to choose among!

Our Take:

By offering a better and proper fit, this bike helmet for 2 year old is definitely a must buy!

Best Toddler Bike Helmet
  • Suitable for: 1 year and older.
  • Size: 47 cm to 52 cm.
  • Exclusive features: Lightweight construction, Child growth-friendly.
  • Overall rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Being one of the best helmets for toddlers, this amazing helmet has bagged the following extraordinary features:

Complete Protection:

The unexpected fall, tumble, crashes or collision are quite obvious when the children are just beginning to ride the bicycle, or they are bicycle pros!

As this bike helmet for 1 year old and older children, this is designed by inducing the baby nutty. It is made to fill with protective EPS foam.

Copes With Your Baby's Growth:

The fitting system and the extra pads that come along with the helmet is designed to fit your child's head.

You can use the bike helmet without the additional pads when you notice that the helmet itself can suffice for your child's head.


Your child will no more get pinched or hurt. The Fidlock magnetic closure is meant to open and close without any hassle.

The soft padding near the chin making your little one soft and comfortable.

Our Take:

With all the beneficiary features induced in one helmet, this is the best bike helmets for one year old.

Factors to Consider When Choosing The Best Toddler Bike Helmet?

When it comes to choosing the right helmet which fits right, looks right, and even works right, we, as a parent tend to look for one or the other options to gift our children the best toddler helmet available in the market!

But, at times, you may find those umpteen varieties options to be somewhat overwhelming. Thus, the only homework you need to do as a part of the research is to note down your needs, priorities, and specifications and constraints (if any).

Thus, this list can surely woo your confusion acting as a filter. By filtering the options, you can have the best bike helmet for your toddler without any hassle!

Fits Right:

No wonder all the helmets have something or the other attractive feature to impress your little ones. But, the foremost concern to be satisfied is the helmet should fit properly on your child's head. Not too loose and not too tight.

Know your child's size and ask for the same so that you do not have to regret later for bringing home the best baby bike helmet which perhaps does not fit your child!


Well, when your toddler is out to play and ride the bicycle, the sun plays its tactics by providing the sun rays more than required!

Thus, to save your little one from the harsh rays, you can opt for any of the best helmet for toddlers which provide visors.

The visors are designed to provide protection to the eyes and thus help in facing out any harsh and sharp rays.

Pick Your Choice:

Well, there are 2 main streams in the field of helmets. The standard toddler bike helmets and the skater-style.

Both knock your door with their own pros and cons:

>> Standard bike helmet:

The standard bike helmets are lighter in weight, adjustable factor and come with more vents. But, they are not dual-certified and also it can be difficult to fit right to the odd-shaped heads.

>> Skater-style multi-sport helmet:

Well, they are ok with the people having odd-shaped heads. Also, they can be dual-certified, and they are designed in such a way that it can give high coverage. But, the problem is that they are quite heavy and might not have more vents.


The helmets are designed to get adjusted with any head shapes. The sole motto here is to fit right into any head without moving sideward's and getting loosened.

There are plenty of helmets available according to the adjustability factor. Make sure you buy the helmet which suits your child the best and fits right.


As mentioned earlier, the construction type of the helmet can be categorized into 2 types. They are hard-shell and in-mold.

The only difference here is that the arrangement of the outer layer of the plastic and the foam core of the helmet.

>> In-mold:

In in-mold, the inner foam core is designed in such a way that it is made to fuse with the outer plastic shell. This helps in making the helmet to be lighter in weight.

>> Hardshell:

These are further categorized into 2 types: Skater-style helmets and lower-end bicycle. In skater-style, the foam core is glued to the thick plastic. When it comes to lower-end bicycle helmets, the foam core is rather made to be glued/taped with a thin plastic than the thicker ones.

MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System):

Well, you can get to see this particular (MIPS) feature in many of the high-end helmets. This feature s an additional safety feature which lets the helmet to absorb the impact energy regardless of which direction it is actually coming from.

Best Toddler Bike Helmet- Ultimate Guide

Thus, here are some details gathered to enrich your knowledge about the importance of wearing the bike helmet for toddlers. Read on the ultimate guide to figure out the best toddler bike helmet and common FAQs:

Why Helmets Are Important For a Toddler?

Well, when the toddlers are all set to ride their dream bicycle, as a responsible parent, we have to make sure that our little one has the helmet on his/her head.

Not only to check whether they have worn the helmet or not, but also to ensure the helmet they are wearing is not damaged.

Double check the helmet is in proper position and is firmly placed. The purpose of wearing a helmet is to safeguard your head, face, and brain when you fall off the bicycle.

According to the sources, the studies have proved that wearing a helmet has reduced the risk of injuries and death overall.

Thus, as kids are in their own la-la land playing, honking, and racing with their fellow friends, it is very much important to make sure that they are wearing their baby bike helmet properly.

In case they fall or collide, the helmet they are wearing is responsible for protecting them by absorbing the impact energy. Thus, most of the collision is absorbed by the helmet rather than their head, face or brain.

Thus, remember that it is not about wearing a helmet, but it is all about properly wearing the right helmet.

If you are planning to gift your little one his/her favorite bicycle, make sure you gift them their safety too. Yes, a helmet it is!

How to Fit a Toddler Bike Helmet?


Make sure your toddler is wearing a helmet that fits accurately. Before reaching your wallet, make sure to try the helmet on your kid. Check to see if it is moving side to side. If yes, do not buy it.

Sizing pads:

Well, the growing toddlers demand a new helmet every now and then because of the size fit issue. Thus, the sizing pads are here to help you by making the helmet sit firmly. As your child grows, you can make them wear the helmet without the pads.

Universal fit ring:

The sole idea here is to ensure the proper fit by adjusting the size of the ring.


  • Make sure that the helmet is sitting on low of your child's forehead firmly.
  • When you place the helmet, check if it is just one or two fingers above the eyebrow level.
  • Ask your little one to look upwards. Now, the child should be able to see the bicycle helmet's front rim.
  • Also, you need to ensure if the straps (right and left) are forming a "Y" pattern by meeting below the child's ears.

Let your little one ride the bicycle only after checking and correcting the position of the child's helmet. It hardly takes a few minutes to fix the helmet properly which in turn is going to safeguard your child while riding the bicycle.

Does a Toddler Need to Wear The Helmet All Day?

Well, doesn't matter if your naughty little kid is a rookie in riding the bicycle or a well-known veteran. The very fact that puts a curve on your face when you see them getting on the bicycle and start pedaling with ease! Priceless! Isn't it?

As I told you before, the preliminary concern of every parent is their little one's safety. Thus, you need to assure and re-check to make sure that your little one is wearing the helmet properly and does it fit properly.

While your child wears a helmet, make sure you see them wearing it and if they do not wear properly, then, here's the solution.

Best toddler bike helmet

You need to teach them where they are making mistakes and guide them by correcting them in the steps they follow while wearing the helmet. Also, be practical about enriching their knowledge to get them to learn about the importance of wearing baby helmets.

Teach them how safe it is to wear a helmet whenever they are riding the bicycle. If they are going just to the next road or riding for quite a long duration, it doesn't really matter.

The only thing they should learn is no matter small or big the distance is, they should always wear their helmets whenever they are riding, or they are sitting in a vehicle.

Are There Any Side Effects of Wearing a Helmet?

As we mentioned earlier, it is not about wearing a helmet, it is all about wearing a helmet in the right manner. This definitely answers all your questions and confusions of the helmets causing side effects!

The only thing to make sure is to wear the infant bike helmet or the toddler helmet firmly. Thus, if you make the kids wear their helmets properly, then, there should not be any chances of bad odor, slight discomfort, or any kind of skin irritation.

In spite of wearing the helmet in the right manner is causing any or all of the uneasiness, then, it is better to take the help of an orthotics. Well, when it comes to small children, they get acquainted with wearing the helmets easily.

Thus, if you make them follow the rule of wearing the helmets whenever they are riding the bicycle regardless of how small the distance is, then, they are soon going to adopt the change quite normally.

The only side effect of wearing a helmet might be hair loss. And it all depends on you! Yes, if you play rough while wearing or removing the helmet, then, this can obviously cause the hair to be pulled and, of course, it leads to hair damage.

What Are The Consequences if a Toddler Does Not Wear a Helmet?

The opening dialogue of every parent whose toddlers are ready to gear on the bicycle is "Wear your helmet!".

Well, if there no consequences, we, as a parent would not make an effort to run into our children and make sure that the helmet is held firm and tight on our children's head.

No matter of small the ride can be, or how far your children might roam in their bicycles, the only thing that comes to our visual by looking them pedal is "Has he/she worn the helmet properly?".

If the helmet is not worn properly, then, there can be some serious damage if they tend to fall or collide unexpectedly.

The sole reason to wear a helmet is to protect the head, face, and the brain. As the helmet can take the responsibility of absorbing the impact energy as soon as the child falls off, the head or face is saved by getting hurt!

Thus, it is a proven fact that the injuries or even death while riding has been reduced by making a rule of wearing the helmets.

Based on the facts and figures, it is our sole responsibility to be a mature person and make our children learn and cultivate a good habit of wearing the helmet whenever they are heading out with their bicycles.


While you are out for buying the best bike helmet for your toddler, considering the priorities, requirements, specifications, and constraints (if any) plays a vital role.

So, while bringing home the best toddler bike helmet, make sure you get stick mark to all the features that your list demands.

Well, most of the companies tend to attract customers by providing “unbelievable offers” such as huge discounts, paybacks and buy 1 get 1 free and many other attractions.

What we suggest you are first to make sure all your requirements are satisfied and then think about whether it fits your budget. If the features it possesses is extremely valid and it upholds the quality too, then, do not give a second thought in buying it!

Do not worry about stretching your budget a bit more is it is worth the price. But, be very particular while opting among the discounted or “on offer” products. Because most of the products can be faulty.

So, how old is your little one? What features according to you makes the best bike helmet for toddlers?

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