Bounce House Safety Tips For Kids

There was a time when the trampoline was one of the most fascinating objects in our lives as children. Bouncing on them was our favorite past time. However, one small odd move and the chances of landing with an injury were definite.

That when Bounce House was introduced. Colorful with very creative design, these bouncy mega playhouses were way more exciting than the trampoline and also deemed very safe. Schools, kids play area, and parents with large enough setup space began to install Bounce House.

Then began the actual disaster. Series of complaints and incidences took out the bounce house from the market for sometime before they were re-introduced with definitive guidelines and instructions.

Bounce House safety tips for kids

Bounce into Fun with These Safety Tips for Your Kids.

Today, almost every Bounce House is operated with great care and under strict vigilance. Given the fact that children love this amazing yet slightly risky a great deal, Bounce House is always in demand.

There are a few specific instructions and safety tips that, if followed well can ensure the risk-free operation of a Bounce House. The 7 main golden safety tips of using a Bounce house includes. 

Follow The Installation Rules

Every bounce house has a list of installation guidelines that should be followed in detail. Two of the main points always mentioned in highlight are about the anchor of the Bounce House and the ground leveling.

All the corners of the bounce house should be very well anchored on the ground. It should be sturdy enough to not dislodge easily under the bouncing and jumping movement of the kids.

The installation should always be done on a flat and leveled surface. An angled bounce or the one installed on an uneven surface can cause serious injuries.

Hire Certified And Skilled Installation Personnel Only

Hire certified and skilled installation personnel only

Protect your little ones! Always hire certified and skilled installation personnel for your bounce house.

Bounce House installation is not an easy DIY project. It may look similar to a tent set up but there are lots of important and intricate detailed fixtures involved that need skilled and expert handling.

Rather than calling your regular handyman, make sure to appoint certified and insured workmen for the job. They know how to secure the Bounce House in the perfect manner and without any discrepancy.

Another important reason for hiring dedicated employees is that their services come with warranty and assurance. In case of any issue or mishaps, they can adequately handle the matter.

Shoes And Even The Smallest Pointed Or Sharp Object Is A Strict No On The Bounce House

Bounce House is often very delicate and made of thin material. Even the smallest of things like pins, pencil nibs, or even hair clips can cause holes or tear on the surface of the Bounce House.

The sad part is these kinds of damage though may seem negligible are often irreparable and thus cause massive air leakage or even unstable surface. This, later on, becomes the major reason for accidents and injuries.

The number one rule of safety assurance in the case of Bounce House is that no shoes or any kind of sharp ended objects should be allowed on the bounce house. Careful and thorough check before allowing the child into the arena is mandatory every time for better safety protocol.

Check The Air Volume And Pressure At All Times And Before Use

Deflation is always an issue with any kind of air pumped apparatus. Even the slightest decrease in air volume within the Bounce House can cause severe damage to the child and or the house in itself.

Every time the Bounce House is up for use, ensure to check the air volume within the tubes. Deflated Bounce House Tubes are definitely a strict no.

Mandatory Adult Supervision

Kids have their own logic and thought process, their curiosity, and excitement at all time can often result in really big incidences. Given the fact, that Bounce House, in general, is a great playtime addition, the excitement, and energy level in the children to well explore is a lot.

That’s why a constant adult presence is a must to ensure the safety of the child or children in the arena. Hyper excitement and too much jumping around can dislodge the child and can give rise to injurious instances.

Adult Supervision ensures that the child is under watch at all time and no such incidences occur.

Strictly Follow The Age And Weight Limit Instruction

Every Bounce House comes with a specific age and weight limit. That specific instruction should be mandatorily kept in mind at all times.

Maintaining a steady balance on a Bounce House is nearly impossible. That’s the reason the lower age limit of a Bounce House is at ^yrs and above. Additionally, most bounce house has a weight limit set for 1 to 2 kids at maximum.

In case of the child weights being more than the set weight guideline of the house or the child is younger than the mentioned age, it is best to forego Bounce House completely.

Keep A Track Of The Weather

This is a very important safety tip that is very specific for Bounce House installed outside. Windy conditions or Rain are not very good for playing on the Bounce House.

The chance of damage or tear or even uninstallation of Bounce House House increases a great deal during these kinds of weather conditions. Additionally, rain makes the bounce house extremely slippery.

Both these situations or climatic conditions are dangerous times for kids playing in Bounce Houses. Kids should be immediately removed from the arena during such times by adults.

Every 45 minutes 1 kid is injured somewhere around the world due to not following the safety tips of Bounce House. However, that does not mean that this super fun bouncing madness should be condemned or banned from usage.

Careful and proper following of the safety tips and guidelines ensures a safe and fun time for kids in a Bounce House.

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