Different Types Of Playpens That You Can Buy For Your Baby

types of Playpens

Keeping your child safe and happy with the perfect playpen

And he’s crawling! Yes, my son has made me witness the world’s most precious moment!

So, how thrilling it is to watch your little one crawl!

There you go! He’s crawling and bam! He got his head banged! That’s when I questioned myself that what could act as a safe zone which assures me that my kid is always in constant care and attention?

Nonetheless, playpen was the answer. The playpen which is also called as the play yard provides a sufficient space with a guaranteed safety wherein your kid can crawl, play, eat and nap in the playpen itself.

Feature highlighters

When it comes to shopping a playpen or a play yard, most of them get confused to pick the best one amongst the unlimited options available.

Thus, combing up the giant varieties of options, here’s a list which boils down to the essential types of playpens capable of satisfying every parent’s demands:

Stuffed (Padded) and quick clean fabric

While shopping a playpen, the foremost concern that comes into mind is the baby’s safety and comfort. The padded playpens allow your kid to play or rest over the soft cushioned area. Thus, a soft, comfortable play area can woo off your “Constant attention” trauma!

Even if your kid excels in its naughtiness by spoiling the playpen, don’t worry. The quick and easy clean fabric allows you to clean up the mess in minutes! Just breathe in and breathe out and it’s done! 

Portable playpens

If you are on vacation or attending a function with your kid and you are fed up with your kid’s tantrums, then, this one’s for you.

The portable playpens are of great use as it can be easily folded and placed in a bag. Due to lighter in weight, it can be carried with ease in a carry bag, and you are good to go!

Baby is crying!!!

Want to change the diaper?

Or Mealtime?

Don’t you worry! Boom!

The portable playpen is here!

Activity compatible

If your kid is way too fond of toys, then, the activity compatible playpen can be the suitable one. The activity compatible playpen allows you to hook the toys up whenever your little one is fast asleep within the playpen.

Thus, putting your child into sleep just got easier! Even after waking up, your kid is not likely to be cranky as it finds its lovable toy hooked up right in front of it!

Yay! Happy faces!

Easy wash

Yes, it is quite obvious that children are meant to mess up their belongings.

A lot!

Easy washing playpen is here to get you out of the “Freak zone” and thus, makes your work easier!


The fabric can be easily removed from the metal frame and thus, it can be washed (machine wash) with ease where there is no need of any “Special detergent”. Even if the fabric contains some plastic or electrical contents, make sure you remove it before washing.

Ventilated mesh fabric

If you want your baby to see you and also the world outside the playpen while he/she is in the playpen, then, go for the ventilated mesh fabric playpen.

The mesh fabric which forms the walls of the playpen makes the child look at the outside area while playing in the playpen. Also, you can keep an eye on your kid while carrying out your tasks without any hassle.

No, don’t worry. The mesh-like wall is strong enough to bare all the levels of naughtiness in which your kid excels!

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Diaper Changer

Amidst a function? Or Traveling?

Need a proper place to change your kid’s diaper?

The “Diaper changing” mechanism just got simpler.

Yes, the playpens with a separate diaper changing area make the machine easy and convenient.

Thus, open the playpen, place your kid and change the diaper in a whoosh! Nowadays, almost all the playpens facilitate this feature.

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Attached bassinet

Now, this can be a “One shot, two down” thing. If your baby wants to play in a cradle, then, there you go! Attach a detachable cradle or a bassinet to the playpen. If your little one wants to simply wander and play around, then, shift the kid to the playpen!

Thus, this playpen can be the best companion to your child which accompanies the overall journey from “Infant” to “Toddler”.

Every child is different and so do the personality. Get to know your baby in a better way and gift a beautiful playpen which I am sure will be your child’s best companion! Because for others it is just a playpen, but for your kid, it creates a small, happy world. It sure is!

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