The Exact Time To Stop Using A Baby Swing & Safety Tips On How To Use It

The smile on your baby's face, the first time they are laid down in a swing is just priceless. Baby swings are one of the easiest ways to make them feel happy and at the same time make them feel relaxed.

The reason why swings are known as the best remedy for small babies is due to the rhythmic effect they have. The swinging motion helps the baby calm down and they can make them go to sleep.

If they act too stubborn, just put they down and you will see how quickly a swing starts showing its magic.

The market is filled with a plethora of swings with versatile technology that can help parents care for their baby, even when they are busy with other things. A swing is all definitely all you need.

Here's a simple guide that will make you understand every aspect on when to use it and when to completely put an end to it.

Check the list:

Introducing The Swing

Using Baby Swing & Safety Tips

Swing into relaxation with our comfortable and warm baby swing.

Baby swings have comfortable seating with a soft and warm cover. When you constantly experience your baby crying and if it makes you infuriated, bring in the charm of this swing.

Putting them in swings makes them learn and in a few days time, you would see the napping problems fade. Babies are actually quite quick in learning new things.

If you wondering when you can start using it, do it from the first week itself. Watch her for a couple of days. The swing glides downwards and hence you need to make sure that your baby doesn't slip.

Once you and your baby have mastered this trick, believe us, this swing is going to be your armor on bad days!

Surviving The Swing

Surviving The Swing

Outgrowing the swing: Just like babies, we all have to let go of certain things in order to continue growing.

Just like we outgrow from something and cannot stand the monotony of certain things, the same way even babies cannot tolerate the swing for too long. To be honest, there is no fixed time when you should stop using it.

All babies develop at a different speed but six months is a good enough time. Post this, your baby is bound to become active and they start stepping out of the swing themselves which can prove to be dangerous for them.

The time when you see that the activity is increasing rapidly, make sure you keep this swing aside so that there are no accidents. Besides that even weight matters. Babies who weigh about 25lbs are said to overgrown for the swing. Make sure to check it before you start using it.

Weaning Your Baby Off

Weaning Your Baby Off

Help your baby learn to cope with change by providing comfort and reassurance during the weaning process.

Psychologically speaking, even babies tend to get attached to things very quickly and when you try and wean them off, well, it is going to be a bit troublesome. In the end, no one likes to be devoid of things they love, right?

When you take your baby away from the swing, the chances of sleepless nights might come back but you need to train her to fall asleep on her own because by this time a swing will not be safe.

If you wondering how to fix it, in a world full of advanced technology, it won't be so difficult. Sing lullabies or tell some interesting stories as this step is quite helpful in opening the visual world as well. You can also introduce them to a bigger crib. This is another way to take their attention away from a swing.

You can swing your baby in the crib until she falls asleep. Getting used to the crib takes a while but once you have successfully done it, the journey will be easier than ever.

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Swinging Too Much

Swinging Too Much

Swinging your baby to sleep may seem like a good idea, but it can lead to serious health risks.

Yes, swinging your little one while they are asleep makes them happy but you are also making them used to it. That shouldn't happen. Putting your baby to sleep in the swing for a longer duration can lead to issues like SID's as babies sleep in a sitting position.

It can get suffocating and it is very difficult to get oxygen in this position. It can also lead to skull deformities.

Hence, it is ideal that you put them to sleep for only for 30 minutes on the swing. When they get too addicted to the swing, the tendency of learning new things deteriorates and hence they learn to crawl very late.

Once your baby has fallen asleep, lay them down on a flat surface to avoid any such health problems.

Forget About Features

Forget About Features

Simple swings for happy babies! Forget about features and let your little one enjoy the simple things in life.

If you believe that a swing with extra features will work the best for your baby, you need to think again. This is a wrong step as it actually diverts your baby's attention and overstimulates their body.

Instead of observing all the flashy things on the swing, stick to a basic one. All it needs to have is comfortable seating and a portability option. That’s all you need.

Check Out More Tips To Keep Your Baby Safe

  • Babies under the age of 4 months should be placed in a reclined position so there's no slumping or suffocation.
  • The swing needs to be high quality and should not fold up.
  • You need to adjust the seat to 50-degree angle and it should have straps to prevent your baby from falling.
  • Makes sure your baby is not heavier than the weight limit mentioned on the label.
  • The cradle surface should be flat during the swinging motion so that your baby doesn't fall.
  • If your baby falls asleep on the swing, move her to a firm surface. When you leave your baby in a seating position for long, it can lead to health problems.

Bottom Line

Baby swings are inarguably a safe option but not for too long. There's no fixed time and yet you need to be cautious. Steer clear of toys on the swing and never leave them unattended.

The tricks mentioned above are the best way to have your unsettled baby calm down and enjoy the surroundings!

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