7 Best Flying Saucer Swing Reviews For 2024

Taking backyard fun to a whole new level with Flying Saucer Swing!

Saucer swing or flying saucer swing, whatever you call it, is indeed a great mode of entertainment for your kids in your own premise.

But how to find the best saucer swing to buy? Before we share with you the handy buying guide, let’s check what a flying saucer swing is.

Different types of swings are available in the market. Tree swings are quite popular for outdoor fun and pleasing swinging adventure.

But out of all varieties of saucer swing models, we mean the flying saucer swing set is the most kid’s friendly swing model.

It is a tree swing that is built on flying saucer-shaped seat.

The best part of this swing is its accommodating benefits. Unlike other swings, it allows more than one child in its cushion to enjoy its swinging motion.

Modern flying saucer swing models are available in assorted varieties. You can hang it from a tree branch whereas some swings are built with a sturdy stand.

Although kids love to swing here, adults can enjoy the fun too if weight permits!

A swing in the shape of a flying saucer for kids is no doubt entertaining for your kid.

Best Flying Saucer Swing Reviews 2024


  • Weight-bearing: 700lbs.
  • Diameter: 40 inches.
  • Tree-swing/frame swing: Tree swing /steel frame.
  • warranty: 1 year.

With this saucer tree swing, you can spice up your garden or backyard in a flamboyant way. Royal Oak Giant 40" Flying Saucer Tree Swing comes with extra weight bearing capacity, which is 700lbs.

It is not only the kid's fun tool, but you can also use it for your family fun together.

It is decorative in look especially for the colorful bonus flags: kids will like them. The building materials of this flying saucer swing are unquestionable durable.

Royal Oak Giant boasts of its customer service too.

Its 40 inches diameter and 700lbs capacity is a winning combo. A perfect gift for your family to have a fun time outdoor.

this saucer swing is weather temperate and durable due to its steel frame support.

The features we loved the most:


With a load bearing capacity of 700 lbs., this swing can accommodate multiple children at the same time. The product is manufactured with safe materials like 600D Oxford fabric, no lead, and an industrial strength steel frame.


The saucer swing is completely climate compatible. The fabric is rain and snow compatible, which is quite durable. The ropes are of commercial quality.


Warranty against manufacturer defects is there, and it is assured by Royal Oak (easy registration after delivery along with 100% money back guarantee.

  • Big size
  • Durable and robust.
  • Versatile(both indoor & outdoor).
  • Warranty covered.
  • Relatively short hanging ropes.
  • Need to spend more time reading the Instruction manual.


  • Weight-bearing: 400lbs.
  • Diameter: 30 inches.
  • Tree-swing/frame swing: Tree swing /steel frame.
  • warranty: 1+2(extended).

Play Platoon Flying Saucer Tree Swing is a colorful, sturdy saucer swing that can accommodate four kids of regular health together. 

It can bear up to 400 lbs. It is available in a fully assembled condition.

It’s washable, and its height can be adjusted according to your hanging arrangement.

You can use it indoor and outdoor, and it can be a family entertainment equipment.

This swing set with flying saucer is climate temperate. Made with sturdy steel, it is rust proof and will last long, hence a good investment.

The features we loved the most:


For pure fun and quality time pass, large 30" diameter and 400lb weight capacity makes this saucer swing set perfect for family use. You don't need to assemble it as it comes assembled!


Play Platoon is covered with a 1-year warranty. You may register online for an extended 2-year warranty.


Precisely built with a steel frame, holding 400lbs and that makes it 33% more productive than general swings with 300lbs carrying capacity!

This tree saucer swing is durable and will last for long. Plus, the porous material keeps water drained which is an added advantage.


It is easy to install, and you can do it on your own. Contains 2 carabiners.


Encourages outdoor playing fun! Offers hours of active opportunity for good time pass with family.

  • Washable and durable.
  • User-friendly.
  • Replacement warranty.
  • Extended weight bearing.
  • You need to buy the hanging kit
  • Color of the fabric may get faded.


  • Weight-bearing: 350lbs.
  • Diameter: 32 inches.
  • Tree-swing/frame swing: Tree swing /steel frame.
  • warranty: 1-year post-purchase.

Giant Platform Tree Swing for Kids and Adults is indeed a cool product that you will surely love to buy if you have kids and you love outdoor fun. It is durable, wise, and can be used in many ways by kids and adults.

Not only to play: this tree saucer swing can be used for outdoor reading, enjoying sleep, or even for doing free hand exercise. It’s a wonderful option for gifting.

Want to enjoy swing and spin at one go? Try this 60x32" Giant Platform Tree Swing by Legendary, and you will love your purchase.

The features we loved the most:


Giant Platform Tree Swing for Kids and Adults is a source of pure joy. Regardless of your kids or you want to play outdoor fun with your family, this is the right tool to enjoy the ecstasy with your family.


The tree swing is completely durable, play safe, and long lasting, No matter you use is it in outdoor or indoor, and it will stay long with you.


The tree swing is constructed simply, and fixing the swing is equally simple. You can do it on your own simply by checking the installation manual.


You are always concerned about our kid, and you want to gift him the best. From that aspect, this giant tree swing is a great item to purchase for your family entertainment.

  • Durable and safe.
  • The wide seat is fun.
  • Easy to install.
  • Complete kit is sold.
  • No head support.
  • Assembly may seem hectic.


  • Weight-bearing: 200lbs.
  • Diameter: 40 inches.
  • Tree-swing/frame swing: Tree swing.
  • warranty: Against manufacturing defects only.

Outdoor fun for kids will never be an all-rounder one without having a flying saucer swing at their ready access. Flying Squirrel Giant Rope Swing is one such saucer tree swing that you can buy with complete trust for fun and amusement of your baby as well as yours.

It is basically a tree swing. But you can use it indoors too. It is not built with a strap, and that clearly defines that it is not suitable for babies under age 4.

The hardware is sturdy, the fabric is washable and easy to dry. Kids can enjoy side by side or spin movement for their best fun.

The features we loved the most:


Its complete fun and scope of great outdoor exercise for kids. Adults can enjoy the fun of outdoor so that they rejuvenate naturally.


The Giant Swing is designed in a way that user can use it in a plug and play manner. Just buy it and put it to installation.


The swing set with saucer is made with best quality fabrics. It is washable. The product is long lasting and safe to allow kids on it.


It is made for kids in a way that they can enjoy ultimate fun and outdoor excitement.

  • Durable
  • Washable
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Kids friendly
  • Fabric quality is somehow compromised.


  • Weight-bearing: 400lbs.
  • Diameter: 40 inches.
  • Tree-swing/frame swing: Tree swing /steel frame.
  • warranty: 1 year.

If you are looking for a long lasting product in giant tree swing category, Swinging Monkey Products Giant 40" Saucer Nest Tree Swing is a great buying option for you.

Kids love it, and parents like you can be assured that it is one of the best tree swings for kids in the US market, built with a great safety standard. The swing can accommodate multiple kids.

No matter you like to fix it in Indoor or outdoor, it is a versatile product. Apart from kids, adults will love to enjoy its swinging motion.

The features we loved the most:


The saucer tree swing will help you in enjoying a great fun time together: be its kids or the family together. It will add decor to your ward.


The product is ASTM, and CPSIA tested and approved: the company assures that it manufactures swing seat with the best quality materials.


There is our step-by-step instructions for assembling and installing the swing: you can do it all by tour own.


Swinging Monkey Products Giant 40" Saucer Nest Tree Swing is covered with a 12-month warranty from the date of purchase.


enjoy the facility of getting a free hanging strap with every (promo offer) purchase!

  • Durable
  • Big sized (40 inches)
  • Robust and easy to install. 
  • Safe: ASTM and CPSIA tested
  • Fabric may get faded.
  • Assembling may turn hectic.


  • Weight-bearing: 600lbs.
  • Diameter: 40 inches.
  • Tree-swing/frame swing: Tree swing.
  • warranty: 1+2(extended).

Play Platoon Spider Web Tree Swing is ideal for group fun. Allow your kids to play with their friends, and you be happy seeing them enjoy. It is easy to install and long lasting.

It is height adjustable. You can set the height according to your kid’s age. Kids will find it convenient for single play as well as in a group. It can beat up to 600lbs weight, which means 3-4 kids can ride the swing at one time.

Although it is a tree swing, you can use it indoors too. It is not maintenance demanding, however, take care of the water merging. Longtime water absorption may wither the spider nets.

The features we loved the most:


It is great fun for the users. You can indulge the kids and your family in staying outdoor and enjoying physical activities.


The flying saucer swing is quite large, and it can fit four kids or two adults within the weight limitation of 600 lbs.


It ensures long-lasting quality of the saucer swing. The strong rope ensures greater safety.


The swing comes with complete assembly. It is easy to install by own effort, and it gets completed almost quickly. Instructions are quite handy.


Play Platoon product is warranty covered. The Spider Web Tree Swing comes with automatic 1-year warranty coverage, which can be extended free for the next two years on demand.

  • Extra large. 
  • Easy to install.
  • Good Warranty Coverage.
  • Durable.
  • Hanging kit not included.

7. Trailblaze Giant Web Tree Swing + Hanging Straps Kit


  • Weight-bearing: 600lbs.
  • Diameter: 40 inches.
  • Tree-swing/frame swing: Tree swing.
  • warranty: 3-year warranty.

Not only for kids’ entertainment! You can use this giant tree swing for immaculate fun and excitement for your entire family. With 40 inches diameter and 600ibs weight capacity, this saucer swing set will be a great purchase for your happy-happy weekends.

It comes with complete assembly. So installation is hassle-free for you. Kids can enjoy the swing without any risk of fraying. Swing hanging kit is included, and that saves your money too.

You can use it indoors too. The extra strong net is an obvious advantage. It can be installed on playsets too.

The features we loved the most:


It is an immaculate buying drayage and a chance to get integrated with a wide community of satisfied users.


Enjoying outdoor fun will be easier and safe with this Trailblaze Giant Web Tree Swing. It's immaculate by the quality and user experience.


It’s spacious and can accommodate multiple kids. You can enjoy swinging in it with your small nuclear unit.


The product packet includes 2 x extra strong hanging straps with carabiners, which means you have nothing to spend extra for its final installation.


the 2 inches thick round swing pole is secured with extra strong rope, and that makes it safe and handy for fun. It's waterproof & long-lasting.

  • Compact Design
  • Extra large
  • Durable

Why Do Kids Like Flying Saucer Swing?

Kids like this flying saucer variety for several reasons. One of the reasons was the facility of playing in group in this swing. Depending on the size and weight bearing capacity, a flying saucer swing set can accommodate 2-3 kids.

It is exciting and pleasing to play in the swing. Kids can sit, can read books, can stand, and can play mind games in a group sitting in a swing set with saucer. The design of these saucer swing is safe, and kid's friendly. It is safe, so parents love this variety and allow kids to play with it without much inhibition.

Swing into orbit with our Flying Saucer Swing - it's an otherworldly experience!

The swing set with flying saucer for kids will offer the user different motions like swinging back and forth, spinning or do both the actions simultaneously. The Giant Saucer swing can provide lots of versatility in enjoyment that most of the kids like.

These saucer swings are portable and can be arranged in both indoor and outdoor. Kids love these swings because they can enjoy the pleasure anytime almost they wish. It is multiple locational, and that makes these swing most favorite for kids.

This is a beautiful way to stay physically active for the kids. Kids generally love physical activities, and this swing helps then in enjoying physical exercise in a group with great safety. Kids can learn to swing in this flying saucer for kids safely and reliably.

These swings are colorful. Kids mostly love the color and the plethora of simple fun. Kids can enjoy their playtime with their parents, or the swing can offer great story time in swinging motion for the kids. Perhaps the pure joy of this instrument makes kids attracted to it.

How to Choose The Best Flying Saucer Swing

Well, if the question of selecting the best flying saucer swing is prevailing in your mind, there is actually no formula for buying the best. If the specifications you prefer match with the saucer swing set you can sort, you have done the job.

However, the budget may vary, and your preference for the saucer swing models may differ with us. But what we are suggesting here that you need to check a few basic points before buying a flying saucer swing set. Regardless you are buying a saucer swing with stand or a giant tree swing, check these points.

Select the best hardware

Choosing the best hardware is one of the most vital aspects of buying the best flying saucer swing. Better the hardware, the saucer swing withstand or the tree swing will be best durable.

A sturdy and balanced saucer swing with frame or the swing set with saucer is not only safe, it hardly needs any expensive maintenance.

Polythene rope and steel made frames are the best options for buying the swing set hardware. Always look for the products with a warranty. You will at the safer side of the purchase.

Check the right clearance

Right clearance is another vital point of buying the best flying saucer swing. Regardless you are using a tree swing, or you are using a saucer swing with frame, right clearance is one of the most important points of enjoying the swing and its swinging motion.

Before installing a flying saucer swing set, you should check its provision of clearance. Unless the clearance is there, it is not possible to enjoy the total pleasure of rocking in the swing.

Buy the product according to your usages

There are many usages of a saucer swing model. These activities include playing in the garden, spending spare time with your kids, group play with friends, enjoying outdoor fun, doing exercise, etc. You may not use the circle swing for all these activities.

Buy the saucer swing set according to the planned usages. This will help you to buy the product according to the required specification. For example, you may buy the product for your kids’ play, or you may buy it for your family entertainment, etc.

Weight limit

Do you want to buy the swing set with flying saucer for your kid's entertainment? Or you want to buy for your family fun? You need to buy the swing according to its weight bearing capacity. Different models are available in the market with different range of weight bearing capacity.

If you want to buy a saucer swing set for your family, you may consider buying a giant tree swing. If you want to use it indoor, you may plan to buy a saucer swing with stand for your portico, etc.

Safety features

Don’t go for the very lightweight version of the flying saucer swing set if you want to use the swing for your growing kids. Even if you have planned to use as a family entertainment tool, then also you should not overlook the safety features.

You can check the safety features before buying the product you have shortlisted. Check the user’s review so that you can assess the product in terms of wellbeing and protection.

Installation manual

Right assembling is extremely important for using a swing set with flying saucer. Unless you hire an assembler to get the job done, you should do the work with the best accuracy.

Most of the quality saucer swing sets come with a DIY manual. You should check and perform the assembling according to the manual.


Now you know the basic clues for buying the best flying saucer swing for your family entertainment. Always look for the weight-bearing capacity, the cons of the products, and check the price if it comes into your budget.

One thing is sure. Many flying saucer swing models are available in the market, but all of them are not the best for your family. So it's not the price, quality and warranty should be your first priority because your family and its safety is priceless for you.


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