How Can I Keep Kids Safe From Coronavirus?

Breaking news! The novel coronavirus has infected near about millions together around the entire world! Starting from China and traveling throughout the world within time, the Covid-19 has raised the death count to thousands!

So, to brief on the subject, let's start from scratch:

What is this Covid-19 all about?

Well, coronavirus is common among animals. These viruses are bound to spread infection in birds, mammals. The humans face slight flu, respiratory infections, and a mild fever.

The novel coronavirus 2019 or the Covid-19 is an abbreviation for CoronaVirus Disease-2019. As it was discovered in December 2019, this coronavirus is new to the human world.

The team of researchers, doctors, scientists are yet to discover the vaccine to this dreadful disease.

How to identify/suspect the infected person?

The person infected with this horrifying disease might show:

  • Mild fever.
  • Cold//Flu.
  • Difficulty in breathing.

By spreading insanely within minutes across the entire world, the countries across the world are locked down completely.

People are asked to stay at home so that they can flatten the curve of this fast increasing counts of infected and death graphs!

Who are susceptible to be infected soon?

This outrageous pandemic is fond of the person with a weak respiratory system, or a lower immunity. So, elderly people and children under the age of 10 are at a higher risk compared to other age groups.

Having to have heard this, parents across the world are facing major panic as the children are hard to control!

Taking care of our aged parents can be our privilege if we digest the information positively. Instead of thinking as an added task, feel it as your responsibility.

How can you safeguard your children?

Inform them

The first duty as a parent is to inform your children about the cause and effect of the Covid-19 across the world. Make them aware of how drastically it has taken the curve up and is not supposed to flatten any sooner.

Make them sense the situation and how it has gotten worse day by day, weeks after weeks. Update them regarding the disease and tell them to read articles on their own. If not, read them out and let them be cautious about the ongoing criticality.

Spread some smile

Well, as they learn about the current situation, they might panic. So, assure them by telling some positive hopes. Say that the researchers and doctors are working hard to extract more information about the disease. Also, let them know that they will be free of the disease if they stay at home.

Personal hygiene to be practiced

As they are aware of the severity, now, your naughty little monsters will behave well and listen to you. So, educate them on how to practice hygiene to kick off the virus from entering our body.

How to wash their hands?

Soap and water it is! Ask them to frequently wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. While washing, tell them to clean on the backs of their palms, nails, in between their fingers too.

How to wash their hands

Protect your child from germs with these simple hand-washing instructions.

No touching

As the virus is said to enter our body as small droplets through our eyes, nose, and mouth, say NO to touching your face. Well, this can be a hard practice and a challenge to our self-control as most of the time we see our hands touching our face! But, for the sake of avoiding this dreadful threat, we can do this!

How to care for children with Covid-19?

If unfortunately, your little one is battling with Covid-19, then.

Let them have a separate place

Yes, this can be hard as a parent to separate the kid. But, to ensure your family members' safety, it is inevitable. Make sure the bathroom used by your child shall not be used by any other person.

Avoid physical contact

Sounds harsh. Well, as the disease spreads rapidly by touching the infected person, you can be a victim in the coming days. You can touch, kiss,  pat your kid as soon as he/she overcomes the disease. But, at present, we request you to tie up your emotions.

If your kid has siblings, then, warn them strictly and restrict them from entering the room. Make sure you do not send them in or bring the kid out even for a minute as it can turn the situation worse.

Make them wear a facemask

Make them wear a facemask

A small act of kindness can make a big difference. Wear a facemask.

If the infected kid coughs or sneezes, the facemask prevents traversing the virus to the other person near them. So, while you are about to enter the room, make sure the kid has put the facemask on.

Some might face difficulty in breathing for having to have worn for too long. In this case, you can wear your facemask to ensure your safety.

Stay home, stay safe

With the dreadful increase in the counts of infected and death graphs, the government has requested everyone to stay safe by staying in their homes. Practice the same for a better future.

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