How I use Home Remedies For My Little Baby Naomi Diaper Rash

Naomi, my little baby of 4 has not yet affected by the diaper rash. During her four year age span, we take care of our sweetheart with the home remedies for diaper rash. From the very beginning, I and my wife were conscious about rashes; especially the diaper rash was our prime concern.

home remedies for diaper rash

Soothe your little one’s skin with these simple home remedies for diaper rash.

We were conscious because we got a bitter experience about the diaper rash that affected my sister’s daughter of 3 months age. That little baby was seriously attacked by the rashes derives from the diaper rashes grows because of wearing the diaper to the baby for a long span of time.

The skin irritation of that baby was as serious as she had to hospitalize under a doctor of a skin specialist. For around a month-long treatment the baby cured of the diaper rash.

As we have such a bitter experience, after coming our little one in the world, we immediately took advice from a doctor of baby skin and rash specialist about the protection and prevention of diaper rash. The doctor advised us to follow some simple instruction at home and we are still practicing the instruction for protecting our baby’s skin.

We have got a big and the real result in respect of caring the babies’ soft and sophisticated skin with the home remedies for diaper rash.

I am really happy about my baby’s rash free skin and irritation free moment and that’s why want to share the steps I am still following for baby’s skin protection;

  • We kept baby’s skin dry always and ensured that the baby’s skin not in contact with urine and stool.
  • We have been changed the diaper frequently; around 7/8 times in a day.
  • We always use ultra-absorbent and disposable diaper.
  • We never used baby wipes with alcohol and propylene glycol for cleaning the baby’s bottom.
  • Always left the diapers and incontinence briefs off as much as possible.
  • Regularly used a best diaper rash cream for protecting the skin.
  • Did not use the diapers that have multi-layer and uncomfortable for my baby.
  • We did not use any plastic pants to cover the diaper that can make wet the diaper area my baby.
  • We have given the baby more fluids to make the urine less concentrated.

These were the major home remedies for diaper rash that we practiced on a regular basis and our little baby is still growing up without the most annoying and irritating diaper rash. Among the above steps for protecting the baby’s delicate skin, we used the best diaper rash cream on a regular basis.

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