How Long Can Baby Sleep In Pack n Play Napper?

Being a parent is not everyone's cup of tea! It is a huge responsibility to take care of your little one which constantly demands your attention 24/7! Their playtime, their nap time, their food time, and what not!

Deciding these factors is a crucial part that directly influences your baby's growth. Piggybacking to the previous point mentioned, you need to make sure that your baby has enough sleep time.

Once the baby gets all cranky, the very first thought that pops every parent is the pack and play! As the babies love to play with the toys filled all around, it makes it easier to gradually put them to sleep.

But, is it safe to let your little one sleep in a pack and play napper? If yes, for how long? How to make sure it is safe?

the common DONTs while buying a pack and play first

Resting up for the adventures ahead in the pack n play napper.

For that, we better understand the common DONT's while buying a pack and play first:

  • If you are planning to get a second-hand pack and play, then, do make sure it is good condition. However, we recommend investing in a new one.
  • Consider the pack and play which is capable of meeting the safety standards.
  • Look for the necessary features. Do not deviate from any attractive offers, discounts or any other "extravagant" sale!
  • Do not go for the extra soft mattress. Rather, go for something firm, soft, and sturdy.
  • Do not go for a cheap quality pack and play because nothing is important than your child's safety.

Now that we have made a list in pinpointing the usual blunders we parents do, let's take a quick jaunty ride towards:

How safe is it to let your little one sleep in a pack and play?

Now, regarding this very topic, there has been a continuous debate that doesn't have a conclusion. However, with a lot of research and gathering experiences from the parents, we can consider this.

As you already know, the bedding on which the baby is supposed to sleep should be firm, thick, and soft. As most of the pack and play comes with soft, smooth bedding, it is not a great idea to give it a go.

On the other hand, if the pack and play offers a great bedding meeting all the safety standards by providing bedding which is thick and firm, then, you can go for it! Make sure your little one is not able to reach for the attached dangling toys or any other things in the pack and play.

If your naughty little monster is well-versed in rolling over skills, then, you better promise yourself that you will be monitoring your child while he/she is asleep in the pack and play.

If you are running late for some work, then, you can always seek help from any of your family members or friends. Just make sure you never leave your child alone while sleeping in a pack and play.

For how long can you let your baby sleep in a pack and play?

Now, landing into the major query, here is the answer you need to know. Well, some babies exhibit their growth by growing taller and some express their growth by showing a gradual increase in their weight.

Note down your little one's growth development and observe the same for a certain period.

If you own a portable crib that comes along with a bassinet, then, here's something. Once your baby reaches to weigh around 13 to 14 pounds, you need to stop using the bassinet. As the bassinets usually are designed to carry the weight of around 14 pounds, it is better to stop using once reached.

When your baby reaches or crosses 30 pounds, it is an alarm that your baby has grown bigger by this time. Thus, it is time to stop letting them sleep in the pack and play.

However, as we already mentioned, not every baby shows its growth status by putting on weight. Some show by growing taller too. Well, some get a tick mark in both weights as well as height. It is all fine!

So, if your baby is one of those who shows its growth by growing taller, then, here's something. Just as the pack and play has a limit for the weight factor, so does the height factor. You need to stop putting your little one in the pack and play once they grow for about 35 inches tall.


With the best parenting skills, you can make your little one enjoy their present and grow positively in their future. By following some DO's and DONT's you can take a small initiative towards your child's safety. Of course, safety comes first!

No matter what, never compromise of quality and the necessary features. Let your little one experience every moment magically!

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