5 Awesome Ideas On How To Create A Playground In Your Backyard

The backyard for most parts remains unutilized or is a boring extension of the house. You can always spice it up with pieces of equipment. It is not a gargantuan task, as it may seem in the first thought.

It is pretty and with the right ideas and tools, it would only take a couple of days to completely transform your backyard.

Child specialists recommend 60 minutes of outdoor activity for children every day. With fewer and fewer playgrounds to play nowadays, parents are facing a problem keeping up the health of their kids.

When you are gardening, you need your gardening tools, best lawn fertilizer and other things. But we are talking about big time DIY here.

So grab the necessary equipment, and begin building your child’s paradise.

Kid on a playground

Creating the ultimate backyard playground for your kids!

Check For Safety

Safety is the most important thing when starting to build a playground. Check if you have a pool, overhanging branches, fences, or anything that may cause your child any harm.

Because come on, they would want to play around most times and it is practically impossible for you to keep an eye all the time. So make sure that your kids’ backyard playground is absolutely safe.

Seal the pool if you have one. Trim the branches evenly. Look for exposed electric wires and fix them. This is the most basic step for any DIY backyard playground.

You must also periodically check for any threat that may cause a hazard to the children playing. Do not forget to trim the grass or fertilize them in your backyard playground now that it is a playground. Trim weed or any thorny bushes or shrubs, which may hurt your child.

Therefore, before being carried away with the fanciest ideas, make sure this basic idea is realized to the core. Once you are there, you may explore all you want.

Swing It In

Be it a small backyard playground or a big one, swings are necessary. For a small one try planting a tire, swing which gives the backyard playground a boho look. But if you wish to, you may go for a normal one well.

Some people who are more indulgent in opulence install bigger swings, which can be used by adults as well. These are great for you to spend an evening with your cup of coffee and a book in the backyard.

We have listed the different types of swings that you may consider using in in your backyard playground:

  • Rope swings.
  • Glider swings.
  • Tire swings.
  • Belt swings.
  • Trapeze swings.
  • Bucket swings.
  • Chair swings.

There are several other kinds of swings but the above-mentioned are the most suitable for your backyard playground. Backyard playground sets always have a swing included in it so do not miss out on that.


Having the best swing in your backyard playground is itself one of the best backyard playground ideas. Children love slides. Witness the joy they feel when coming down the slide and feel blessed. Parents have reported having felt their efforts worthy when seeing children enjoy to their fullest.

Slides help children overcome the fear of heights if guided properly. Just like swings, slides also come in various variety. If you have a toddler use, the basic straight slide, to begin with, and introduce a tube slide if he/she is an older child.

Tube slides may induce fear and panic in smaller children. Spiral slides and wave slides are a great way to spice up your backyard playground.

The best backyard playground is one that has a good combination of at least two swings so that it does not become boring and also caters to different age groups. So do not hesitate to install more than one swings. The more the better!

Outdoor playground

Transform your backyard into a playground paradise with this slide.

Stock It Up

The planning behind your DIY backyard playground project must be solid. Like already mentioned, it is not difficult to assemble but the challenging part is how to make a playground in your backyard. What we mean here is that you need a considerable amount of time to stock things up.

You must have all the essentials that will be required. Every backyard playground equipment must be in your stock. Keep collecting them from the moment you decide to make a playground in your background, perhaps even while you are weighing its pros and cons (honestly, there are no cons).

The following is a list of things that you might want to stock up for a great DIY backyard playground:

  • Rods of various sizes.
  • Wooden planks.
  • Rocks.
  • Cardboard boxes.
  • Wood shaping equipment.

These are among the many other things. It is all about intuition trust us. Once you are mentally in the game, you will know automatically what is useful and what is not. Make sure you stock all up for your cheap backyard playground ideas.

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Space Sense And Maintenance

Make sure the equipment are well placed and the whole structure looks coherent. Do not cramp your backyard with several irrelevant stuff. Keep it open and airy. There must be enough space for your kids to play around.

Maintenance is another important aspect that generally escapes the mind. No one will count this point to be an idea, but trust us, it is very important otherwise; everything that you have done will go down the drain.

A cheap backyard playground can also look great if maintained well. It will make your backyard playground long-lasting and it will not lose the charm any sooner.

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Go ahead and get your supplies or begin collecting the required things from this moment and sketch out a great plan to transform your backyard into an amusing playground where not only your kids but also even the neighbors would love to come to play.

Do not forget to write to us about your experiences and tales of a backyard playground. We love to hear 5 your shenanigans and look forward to it in the comment section.

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