How To Hang A Baby Swing On A Tree?

How fascinating is it to watch your child genuinely enjoying the pleasant beauty of nature? The sunshine, the fragrance of the greens, the rainbow, and one warm hug of the cool breeze! Incredible! Isn’t it?

Well, I pity that kids these days are more keen to win the game “digitally” in their “Smartphone” that they have no idea of what actually they are losing.

As a responsible parent, it is our part of the concern to teach our children to appreciate those moments just the way we have been raised. Yes, by enjoying the priceless moments!

hang a baby swing on a tree

Swinging into fun! Learn how to hang a baby swing on a tree with ease.

To make your baby embrace the calmness of nature, you need to first introduce the beautiful outside-the-stroller world to your baby. It all begins at the tender age! Take your baby for a walk, spend time enjoying some games in your backyard or garden.

Tie a swing to a tree. Let them feel the pleasant, cool breeze which matches the rhythm of their heartbeat. Well, this works for sure!

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Follow these steps to hang a baby swing on a tree:

  • First, check thoroughly whether the tree is in good condition to tie the baby swing and can support the weight.

  • Make sure the place where you are going to hang the baby swing is safe and clean.

  • You require some essential accessories such as a tow strap, a shackle, the quick links, a nylon webbing(if in case) and a baby swing of course.

  • Make sure the tow strap is minimum 10 ft long, 2 inches wide and can hold up to 10,000 pounds.

  • Now, use the tow strap to hang around a branch of your chosen tree. Also, notice that a typical tow strap possesses the loops at their ends.

  • Place one of the loops at the bottom of the branch in the center. Then, you can wrap the tow strap over and over again( minimum three times) around the branch as a safety measure.

  • Once you are done with wrapping the tow strap around, it is time to pass one loop through the other. Make sure you pull the loop down tightly to confirm it is stable and secure.

  • Now, the next step is to use quick links. Remember, quick links are available in various sizes. We suggest you go for the larger ones as it is safer because it can manage to hold about 3,300 pounds.

  • Adjust your tow strap making sure of the distance from the ground, and then, hang down the quick links to the tow straps. You can now easily hang each side of the baby swing to the quick links. Don’t forget to tighten up the threads.

  • Now, the usage of a nylon webbing can be considered optional. This nylon webbing is actually made use when the tow strap that you wrapped around a tree has happened to fall short and is far enough from the ground.

  • I will suggest you go for a 2-inch nylon webbing which is capable of managing a minimum of 2,000 pounds.

  • First, make sure to tie a knot and then, make a loop. Once you are done creating a loop, check the length of the loop. The length of the loop is perhaps measured by the distance between the tow strap and the top of the rope of your baby swing.

  • So, you are now all set to hang the two quick links on to the looped nylon webbing.

  • Connect the shackle which can hold about 4,400 pounds to the tow strap(2,200 pounds if you choose to go for a single connection). The advantage of the shackle is that it cannot unthread by itself.

  • Now, connect the nylon webbing to the shackle. Then, hang the quick links(if you haven’t already connected before).

  • After placing the quick links right in between the nylon webbing and the baby swing on both sides, make sure you tighten the threads by a wrench.

  • After finalizing the attachments, it is time to check the movement of the swing by placing some weight in the swing. This is how you can be sure of the distance between the ground, and the swing is maintained right (in spite of stretching). If not, you can make a few adjustments, and you are good to go!

So, here we are. All excited to let our children enjoy an irreplaceable and the most adventurous journey of life. In just one. awesome. slide! Playing in a swing offers you a bunch of experience as a takeaway!

By tickling you with a fun-filled adventure, it also teaches you that whatever your current situation is, it is temporary! So, push yourself and see the magic happen! Keep calm. Play the game!

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