How To Modify Power Wheels To Go Faster?

Have you witnessed a massive growth pace of your naughty little monster day by day? As a parent, it is your concerned duty to create an atmosphere to encourage and boost up his/her energy!

As the child outgrows the slow pace of the power wheels, you need to keep up the spark by adding an extra oomph! How? Here it is!

Adding a good quality battery can up the speed of the power wheels! Also, you can get the job done by opting for an electric motor too.

Installing a battery

Installing a battery to Modify Power Wheels to Go Faster

Experience the thrill of speed with a new battery for your Power Wheels.

You should know

If you are looking for a budget-friendly battery which is durable and compatible, then, Aftermarket battery is the one.

Pop open!

Now that you have bought a new battery, try to open it. Use a screwdriver to pop open the top there by pulling the edges off.

Black connecter

Handle the battery casing carefully as the black connector inside it is safely secured. If you wreck this step by causing any damage to the black connector, then, you need to replace it!

The black connector plays a major role in running a battery. You need to hook this up with the battery which you have purchased newly.

A bit of jiggle wiggle

Now, as you already know the importance of the black connector, it is time to showcase your patience. Start pulling the connector carefully up against the battery.

This step might be a little fussy, but make sure you get the connector out and safe by slightly wiggling it.

Now that you have the connector out, it is time to drag out some wires (negative and positive). Make sure you attach the same to the battery as close as possible.

Behind the scene

Having a sharp cutting tool comes in handy while pulling the wires off. Once you are done with the jiggle wiggle, you are free to dispose of the battery. Never allow yourself to use old/used batteries again.

Positive connection

Here comes the second best part of the entire process! Look for the positive part of the battery connector. Now, you need to hook the fuse up to the same.

The fuse holder here should be filled in with a 30 amp fuse. Now, from both ends, manage to pop out wires for about a centimeter.

Now, you need to carefully locate the visible wires in a wire connector followed by crimping the connector.

You should know that the positive side is indicated with white or red. Now, you can start inserting one wire of the fuse to another end of the battery connector.

Covering it up

To cover the visible wires, you can go for using a female spade which is insulated. Make sure you gently place it on the negative side of the battery connector.

Now that everything is sorted, it's time to make the connector friends with the battery you have replaced. For hand shake, all you need to do is to:

Connect negative to negative, positive to positive side!

So, here comes the first best part! After testing everything, gift your child a little extra bonus of speed!

Installing a motor

Installing a motor to Modify Power Wheels to Go Faster

Take your Power Wheels to the next level with this motor upgrade.

Getting the motor out

To do this, you need to first make your speed crush sleep! Yes, place your car upside down to help you get the motor out easily.

Try to put enough effort into dismantling the motor by using a proper set of tools. You may also have to shake it a bit to properly get it out of the car.

Wiping off the dirt

Before proceeding further, quickly have a check that the new motor fits fine to your power wheels. If not, get the desired size and quality. Now, moving ahead, take out the cylindrical-shaped brushless motor.

Well, as per the sub-heading indicates, clean the area to get rid of the accumulated dirt.

How about adding something special?

Once you are done with dusting the motor, you need to place a spade connector on top of this brushless motor.

If you are confident enough to handle this situation well by heating it and gently banging with a screwdriver, you are good to go!

If not, you are into option number, which is visiting a nearby hardware store. Go to a hardware store, reach out for a cheaper spade, and get the work done.

Back to pavilion

Now that you are done with heating and banging, it's time to put the mouse back in the house. For this, you need to be extra careful.

As the brushless motor is quite stubborn, you might have to put in some effort to place it properly.

So, you can start by placing with the spade-end prior to the other end. Next, just like you unscrewed the screws while getting them out, you need to screw the hardware to safely secure it.

Prepping some more

Attach the unwrapped wires (one at a time) and re-connect them to the brushless motor as per the instructions and indication.

Reuniting with the wheels

Now that you are done with the "wiring formalities", proceed towards re-attaching the wheels. Now, test the working condition by placing the car upside down to avoid any hazard.

See, adding in a little joy is not that difficult! Get your children a spark of peed and get going!

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