How To Properly Set Up A Bounce House?

Bound house is very exciting and a fun thing to do for a family or for the kids and their friends. A bounce house can be bought or can be taken on rent for various activities.

What Are The Types Of Bounce Houses, If you are planning to get a bounce house, three major types are available at the moment.

Indoor Bounce House

Indoor Bounce House

Jump for joy! Our indoor bounce house is the ultimate way for your kids to burn off energy and have fun.

As compared to the ones that were available before, indoor houses are smaller in size and can fit inside as well. This one measures 1000 square feet.

These ones are ideal for your kids and if you are looking for something in which they can have fun at home, this one stands as the best option.

When you buy this bounce house, you should check if it comes with a blower or if it needs to be inflated. The one that is capped loses pressure and ends up having less bounce to play on.

Standard Bounce House

The standard bounce houses are almost similar to indoor houses, the only difference is that they are made of thick materials, near the entrance and the seams. It comes with a blower that will help provide air supply and pressure to its cushion.

This one is larger and needs to be kept outside. They are made with stronger materials and hence they need to be set up with the help of a tarp to make sure it is not damaged.

Inflatable Bounce Water Parks

Inflatable Bounce Water Parks

Get ready to make a splash! Inflatable water parks are the perfect addition to any summer day.

Bounce houses of water parks are equipped and have additional textures that will save kids from falling. The only issue with the house is that it takes time and to store them, it is even harder.

You have to wait till it is all dried out and only then it can be folded and stored back.

How To Buy A Bounce House?


People who will use the bounce house, considering their age is really important. Children above six years old are active and hence will need a larger bounce house.


Only if the area is larger, a bounce house will fit properly. First, know the area of the backyard and only then buy the bounce house.


The bounce house cost depends completely on your budget. Always keep in mind that spending needs to be a little higher. If the quality is not good enough, it won't survive for years.

If you already have one at your place and you are wondering how to do it yourself, without calling an external professional, some easy steps will blow it quickly. Inflating a bounce house is not a big task.

Take this guide into consideration, in case of help.

Step 1: Where To Set It Up

Bounce houses blow up to become really huge. Hence, the area for the same has to be big too. The spot where you do it is really important due to safety concerns.

Inflatable bounce houses need to be anchored properly with stakes and to keep them stagnant, it should be in areas like soil grounds or lawns, basically a bigger area.

Maintaining it and cleaning it can be a task. But before you blow it out, you need to make sure that the ground steer clears off stones and other sharp objects. Only then cover it with a bounce house. Firstly, cover the area with a tarp that will cover the house as this will make sure no dirt comes in contact with the house.

Step 2: Unfold It

Once you are done using the bounce house, you would have to fold it and keep it aside. While opening, you need to unfold it. Do it slowly.

Step 3: Putting Power Into The House

Bounce house doesn't work on its own and needs to be filled with air. This can be pumped with the help of blowers. While you are outside, you can connect the blower to a socket and fill air into the interior of the bounce house.

In case, you do not have a blower, you can also use a generator as it is another alternative that will help you.

Step 4: Inlets and outlets

Once you start filling up the house, you need to make sure the air does not leak. You need to connect the blowers and make the connection tighter. Do this to the inlet.

Once you are done, close the outlet, as the air would be still coming out. The house needs to blow by fans so the air comes in and out, continuously.

Step 5: Inflating the house

Now that all the settings are in place, it is finally time to blow up the bounce house and get all the fun. This bouncy toy needs to be inflated. Even though we are helping you with a long guide, it only takes 2-3 minutes to blow this giant, fun thing.

To make the process faster, untangle the piled parts and accelerate the speed.

Step 6: Anchoring the house

To make sure that the family or kids, whosoever will be on the bounce house is safe, the castle has to be well fixated on the ground.

Make sure the stakes that you will need to anchor the bounce house are good enough to do the job. This will make sure that the house is not blown away by the wind.

Hold the hammer and the tie the stakes with D rings on the bouncer.

Bounce house with a sandbag works better and levels up the security arena, especially on windy days.

Step 7: Double Check The Procedure

Checking the work that you did is always vital and does no harm. If not for yourself, it is necessary to care for your kids, as bounce house can prove to be fatal as well. Safety should always be your first concern.

Now, you are ready. You and your family can jump on the bounce house as much as you like. A bounce house is super fun and a great way to spend time with your family.

The process of setting it up also takes less than half an hour. Spending this time on a bounce house, that will ultimately give you all the joy, is not so bad.

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