Easy Installation Guide Of Flying Saucer Swing

Installation of a flying saucer swing is a step-by-step job and has no basic formula. Every model you purchase, you will get to see the installation manual into it. Before you start assembling, you can refer to this installation guide to learn the steps.

Now before you start installing, check if you have purchased a big tree swing or a saucer swing with stand. In case of the tree swing, you should check the tree branch if it is fully matured, strong enough, and will offer the adequate clearance for the swing.

The size of the branch, which is the best for hanging a tree swing on it, should be minimum 6 inches in width, according to the suggestion narrated in the “Fine Gardening” magazine.

Installation Guide of Flying Saucer Swing

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This measurement instructs that the tree branch is thick enough to support the choice of using swing hardware, but at the same time, it is not that heavy that fixing the hardware may seem too problematic and mayhem.

Allow 3 to 4 feet of clearance in both the front and back of your swing and at least two feet gap on each side nonetheless. As for high up to hang your swing, the seat should be around 16-19 inches above the ground.

If your chains are 18 inches apart, then fit the swing hangers 18 inches apart. Anything else would cause the chains deformedly parallel to each other. If it is a glider swing or a trapeze swing, you have to keep the chains or ropes on the glider in a vertical way.

You should set toddler swings at least 24 inches above the ground so they cannot swing themselves. Ensure a minimum of 8 feet of clearance around all parts of a play structure, and at least 10 feet of clearance behind and in front of the swings. Provide a soft landing area at the base of the slide.

Maximum height of flying saucer swings for kids of two to 5 years of age should be 8 feet. At a 60 inches height on the swing structure, you need to tie the first swing chain at 30 inches height, 20 inches distance between the hangers, and 24 inches between the swing chains.

Fixing a swing set in your yard is a wonderful idea as it builds a supervised area for your kids to play. Before you fix your swing set, you need to ensure the plain level of the ground. In fact, the process of leveling the ground for fixing a swing set is almost similar to making a pool or a patio.

On the yards having low or gentle slopes, installing a swing set demands prior planning and maybe some slight digging. You may work to lift the down legs at the front of the flying saucer swing set. You may stack some wooden blocks flat for the leg for support.

It is always good to follow the specific installation guide for a swing. Quality manufacturers mostly offer their installation recommendation for the users’ benefit. In case there is no installation instruction, you can hire an experienced assembler of saucer swing with frame or the tree swing.

Installation Guide Video Of Flying Saucer Swing

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