Should I Get A Baby Swing Or Bouncer For Small Room?

A baby swing can definitely be a part of your small room. You just have to know how to choose it properly.

Bouncers are usually small and can fit in any space. However, you won’t get the stimulating effects that a swing can give.

So, there are a few pros and cons to both. 

I was certainly skeptical when buying either of the two. I was just about to purchase a bouncer but my thoughts changed when I did my research.

In this guide, you will be able to know whether to buy a swing or bouncer for your small home and end the debate once and for all.

What is a baby swing?

Best Portable Baby Swing

Making memories with my little love in their favorite swing.

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A baby swing is the ultimate baby gear that you should have whether you have a small home or not.

It has a very comfortable padded chair suspending on a sturdy frame. It’s either powered by batteries or cables or both. It creates a constant motion from side to side or back and forth.

Most swings also have an additional music system built into it for keeping your baby calm for a longer time. So, this is more of a hands-off machine. Just turn it on and you can focus on other work.

You can get a swing when your baby is at least 6 months old. Some swings can also be used for a longer period of time.

In my experience, I had the best experience in dealing with reflux and colic of my babies with a swing.

What is a baby bouncer?

What is a baby bouncer

A world of wonder and imagination – inside the baby bouncer!

A baby bouncer is a very simple baby gear with no bells and whistles. It has a padded seat with frame support. It looks almost like a swing. Except, the functionalities are different.

Bouncers don’t have any power source. Though it generates a bit of bouncing motion, it has to be manually done. If the baby moves, the bouncer will move a bit with the baby. And, in most cases, you will have to give it a push to move.

You can’t expect hands-off experience with this gear. But it is still quite handy for a small room.

Top Differentiating Features Between Swing and Bouncer

1. Size

As you are living in a small home, size should be the first priority in choosing any product. Generally bouncers come in small sizes and can fit in tight corners pretty well.

But, if you buy a specialized baby swing for small spaces, you can still fit them in your small room.

Both the swing and bouncers come in 20-inches footprint. But if you don’t have even that space at home, you can look for bouncers with 4-5 inches footprint.

2. Motion

Ah… This is where the swing beats the bouncer. A bouncer can never generate motion like the swing.

Modern swings can produce different kinds of motion that can quickly calm your baby. Whereas, bouncers have a gentle motion that might not be sufficient for your young one.

Some baby swings can also be convertible to bouncers. So, you get the best of everything.

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3. Portability

Most bouncers are portable. They have the folding capability and are super lightweight. So, you can carry it anywhere you want with no trouble. For small homes, this a great benefit.

Baby swings come in all sorts of sizes. But you can also find versions that have folding capabilities and you can store it away when you don’t need it.

4. Cost

If cost is your primary concern, a bouncer is your best option. You can find a good bouncer in the $20-$30 range.

Whereas, for a quality baby swing you will have to spend between $40-$200 range depending on the functions that the swing provides.

But you can’t always buy a baby accessory depending on price. If your baby needs it, you will have to compensate on price.

5. Weight limits

Both bouncers and swings are built to support babies and toddlers. So, there is nothing much to debate on this point. You can find models that can support 20-30 pounds of weight.

The Final Verdict- Swing or Bouncer for Small Room

For the following reasons I think a swing will be perfect for a small room:

  1. Offers multiple motion that can soothe a baby. If you have a colicky baby with reflux issues, nothing can beat the capability of a swing.
  1. There are certain swings that have very little footprint and will take just a little space of your room.
  1. Some swings have bouncer features as well. So, you spend a little more but get both eventually.

Buy a bouncer only if you have a very low budget. Otherwise, a swing is the perfect baby gear for small spaces.

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