Should You Use A Night Light In Your Baby’s Room

Of course, without any second thoughts, it's a YES! A thousand times YES! But, you should have a thorough knowledge of what type of light and a little know-how to use the night light.

Being a parent is not an easy task! You need to do your part of the research, pose a query with your fellow parent-mates, gather tips from your parents, grandparents. Seems difficult?

Living in the digital era, the internet can be your "Fix it" pal! We are here to answer all your questions, queries, and dilemma. Ready to shoot?

Beneficial Factors

To start with, we shall dive deep in this way. Having a night light will be useful as:



Sleep soundly with a night light by your baby's side.

Regardless of your little kid's age, having a night light can help them overcome the fear of darkness. Thus, you can guide them to be self-sufficient as they sleep separately in their room. As they say, childhood is the reflection of your child's future.

As a parent, you may be feeling guilty and anxious to let them sleep alone. But, by doing this, you are making them approach the milestones i.e., independence and to be self-sufficient. So, kudos to you!

Feed The Way You Love!

Feed the way you love

Night lights: the perfect solution for peaceful and safe baby sleep.

Feeding your little infant or changing the diapers in the middle of the night can be quite overwhelming at times. It's ok not to be ok. It happens.

But, after being done with your midnight mishap, you and your baby find it difficult to go back to sleep. Why? As you have exposed to the beaming light, you take some time to get your eyes adjusted to the sudden darkness all over again.

Thus, having a night light allows you to breastfeed your baby safely and easily. Also, as you do not switch on the lights, you retain the same soft vision and it's easier to get a good sleep.

Parental Things!

As a parent, it is quite obvious to get up in the middle of the night even if your baby did not make any sounds. Why? You got worried because it didn't make any noise, cry, or laugh! So, for all those panicky parents, having a night light helps them check on their babies without disturbing their sleep!

Also, if your child sleeps separately in his/her own bedroom, a night light can help them feel comfortable as they can reach for their favorite toys or objects which help them fall asleep.

Useful Tips

So, enriching your knowledge about the night light beneficial factors, let's shift our spotlight on some of the useful feedback from the parents.

Fixing the light the right way

Bringing in a perfect night light gets your work half done. The other important part is to fix it the right way. As per some parents, fixing your night light facing the ground can eliminate the shining sparkle beaming directly at your kid.

Go for low-wattage

Going for a night light which helps in having a clear vision of the things placed yet beaming a soft light should be your goal. Thus, a night light with low-wattage gets a tick mark by satisfying both these essential factors.

Say NO to blue

As the core necessity to sleep is the production of the sleep hormone called "Melatonin", we need to make sure not to disturb it. The blue light is considered as the disturbing factor when it comes to using. Thus, go for the night light which emits red shades, green, or any sunrise shades.

What's your child's comfort?

What's your child's comfort

Brightening the Night: Creating a Safe and Comfortable Environment for Your Baby.

Before bringing in beautiful night light, check with your child regarding his/her comfort. If your child is a toddler and doesn't know his/her comfort regarding a night light, then, observe their sleeping pattern both ways.

Try switching on the night light and see how happy and comfortable he/she is while sleeping. Compare the same by turning the lights off. You will fetch the conclusion.

If your child can address his/her opinion on their own regarding the debate going on, then, it is better to go with their personal preference.


Having a sound sleep with the night light being on or off differs from a person to person. But, do not make your child sleep in a lighted bedroom just because you are scared. Do not pass on your fear of darkness to your child.

Know their sleep pattern, observe their behavior. That should help you make a better choice. At the end of the day, it is your decision that matters. Choose wisely!

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