When To Start Cloth Diapers On Your Newborn

There are numerous decisions a mother needs to take when she is expecting a newborn baby at her home soon. The most important decision being related to diapering!

There are many countries in the world where the traditional cloth diapers are still used for the newborns. On the contrary, the modern moms are still apprehensive about the usage of cloth diapers.

In a layman language, the cloth diapers are the handkerchief sort of cloth put up with a couple of safety pins around the waist of the baby. But the time has completely changed and so did the concept!

Cloth Diapering

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The new school cloth diapers are super absorbent, easy to wash and easy to put on and take off. You can easily wash them in your washer. Awesome, isn't it? And a much better option for the modern mothers!

There are a variety of cloth diapers available in the market. Some of them are disposable while some are reusable. Now the most important question comes; when to start cloth diapering?

You are on the right page. Keep reading on!

First Let’s Understand The Benefits of Using Cloth Diapers

Though many would-be-moms must be confused with the concept of cloth diapers but confusions will disappear after knowing the benefits –

Good for the baby

Every baby suffers from diaper rashes at least once in first three years of age. The most common reason being the usage of Dioxin which is a byproduct of bleaching used in the readymade diapers sold in the markets.

Dioxin has been listed as the dangerously toxic carcinogen by EPA. However, cloth diapers are very safe for the babies free of any toxic elements.

Good for the environment

You would be surprised to know that on an average a baby consumes around eight thousand diapers per year. Disposable diapers use 20 times more energy and generate 60 times more solidified waste as compared to the cloth diapers.

On an average, it takes around 250-500 years for one disposable diaper to dissolve in the soil. Cloth diapers are very quick to decompose as they are made up on wool or cotton.

Good for you

Obviously the cloth diapers are much cheaper as compared to the readymade ones. You can be assured about the safety of your baby's skin. They are much more convenient and can be easily home arranged.

Though there is no specified age limit for using cloth diapers in newborn babies. It can be used since the day of their birth provided the dry diapers are regularly available.

Cloth Diapering Newborn

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Factors to Consider while Starting to Use Cloth Diapers

However, there are some critical factors which need to be kept in mind while starting to use cloth diapers:

How many cloth diapers do i need

Cloth diaper covers have come out of the dark ages and tend to be cuter than before. Today's cloth covers are really much in order to use in comparison.

When comes from Newborn babies having average 20-24 cloth diapers during these stage. As these diapers need to be continuously washed and dried, you must have 20 ready diapers all the time.

Next baby grow in Infants’ having at least 14-18 diapers for every 2-3 days. Now your baby is toddler then having at least 12-16 diapers.

When your toddler begins to potty train having at least 4-8 diapers. Every thinks Depends on the method to uses of diapers that fits your family's needs.

Change wet diaper fast

It is recommended to change the diaper as and when the baby wets it. Even we would not like to sit on a wet chair so how can you expect the baby to stay in the wet diaper?

Washing cloth diapers

Try to wash the cloth diapers with the help of natural detergent ingredients. Many people use baking soda and borax to clean them.

Use only hot water to wash the cloth diapers. Washing them in cold water can turn the fabric rough.

Dry your cloth diapers

Make sure you dry the diapers in the hot dryer only. This will keep intact the softness of the diapers.

Keep your surroundings free from any dust mites and insects. You must dry the diapers in a place where there are fresh air and sunlight.

Cloth diaper accessories

Here are some important cloth diaper accessories -

And more

Avoid usage of any kind of oils and talcum powders on the diapers. This can lead to a severe allergic reaction to the baby.

Cloth Diapering

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So, my dear ladies, these were some important details about the usage of the cloth diapers. We all wish to carry forward the legacies and cultures to our next generations. Therefore using a cloth diaper is just like passing on the love and care of your ancestors to your loved ones.

The cloth diapers are much safer for the babies. They are cost effective and eco-friendly as well. They are available in various different patterns in the market. All you need to do is go out and explore the multiple options of cloth diapers out there and choose the best for your baby.

After all who doesn't like the babies sleeping with a big bum! Wishing you and your babies' lots of good health and smiles!

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