Which Is Better—Crib or Playpen

You may be a hands-on parent or a fulltime caregiver. In either scenario, your chief objective is to keep close to your little one and ensure he’s safe. From your experience, you know that placing your baby in a crib or playpen is the best way of ensuring his safety, particularly if you’re entertaining.

That brings us to the question: Where would your baby be safest—in a crib or a playpen? Using a playpen is a recognized way of helping keep your baby safe. Your baby can have a great nap there while parents can run about and do their chores around the house.

How Cribs Are Better Than Playpens

How Cribs are better than Playpens

Cribs provide a peaceful sleep environment for your little one.

This doesn’t mean, however, that a crib doesn’t come with a host of benefits—it does!! First, it is considered to be very safe because it is the largest of all baby beds, it has high railings and since it is wooden, it is very durable.

Its other advantages include:

  • It can be transformed into a bed when your child grows a little older. Your 5-in-1 convertible crib can easily convert into a toddler bed initially and as your child grows, it can be a daybed. Finally, it can be modified to have a full-sized headboard with a footboard. That’s how practical and flexible a crib can be.
  • The high walls of the crib make it safe for a baby to sleep on his own in his nursery rather than with his parents.
  • Your baby will get sound sleep in a crib which will help him grow well. Set the crib down in a quiet part of the house so that your baby gets a few hours of undisturbed sleep.
  • The possibility of babies suffocating to death if they share the bed with their parents is high. So, doctors don’t recommend this. For this reason, they should be placed in a crib where they will be safe.
  • A good crib can also be a play area for your baby. And, if it is high, it will also be so secure that your baby won’t break out from it.
  • A good crib can be repurposed once your baby outgrows it.

What Is A Playpen? How Is It Different From A Crib?

What is a Playpen

Playpens are a great alternative to cribs for parents who want to give their baby some room to move around.

A playpen is a particular type of furniture for babies and toddlers in which they are enclosed so that they don’t wander off on their own. When in this, they are safe and do not harm themselves however unintentionally.

The obvious difference between a crib and a playpen is:

  • Babies can take naps in cribs.
  • Babies can play in playpens and not wander away from them.

How A Playpen Is A Better Bet Than A Traditional Crib

Let’s take a closer look at a playpen to realize why it’s a better bet than a traditional crib.

For one, a playpen is made of soft PVC material; its legs are made of tough steel. This is an asset because you needn’t worry about your infant hitting his head in the playpen. Besides, cribs don’t have the cushioning that playpens do, so they are saved from body injuries.

These days, playpens come fitted with lights, musical toys, and related accessories for the infant’s amusement that will help him rock off to sleep.

A playpen is made of metal, plastic, and mesh in a variety of colors, which kids would go for instinctively. They also come in a range of designs that you can choose to match with the interiors of your infant’s nursery.

Some playpens come equipped with changing tables that are a boon to have when parents need to change diapers. Of course, this comes at an additional cost.

A playpen is foldable, so you can take it when you go outdoors or on picnics and holidays. It’s also easy to pack and store, which makes it space-saving.

While you entertain at home, you can set up a playpen in one corner and keep an eye on your child while also playing the good host. This way, you can be on hand and ensure your infant is out of danger.

If you do a lot of traveling, you’ll find that a majority of hotels don’t provide you with a crib. At such times, instead of having your baby by your side in the same bed, you can carry your portable playpen and use it as a sleeping area for your baby.


By doing some in-depth research, you can zero in on the best playpen that will keep your baby safe while you go about doing your home chores.

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