10 Reasons Why Your Kid Needs To Wear A Helmet While Riding A Bike

As a parent, a child's safety is the most important thing. When kids are at a learning stage, they are evolving and teaching them all the necessary things, right from the basics, can go a long way.

It's a parent’s duty to ensure that their kid learns all the good habits whilst also enjoying the activities. Be it riding a bike or rollerblade, your little one can have all the fun but at the same time needs to learn the importance of riding safely.

Helmets play a bigger role here and it can protect your child from all sorts of disastrous calamities. Just like it is a mandate for the grown-ups to ride safe, the same applies to your kid as well.

Here are a few tips and a learning guide that will help your kid understand the importance of helmets.

Safety, Safety & Safety

Safety, Safety & Safety

Safety first! Protect your child's head with a helmet while biking.

This word should be a no-brainer and your kid should be able to reciprocate and work on it. Bike riding is a lot of fun but while doing so, no one should be reckless. As per statistics, in 2015, more than 4,00,000 kids made their way to the emergency ward just because of one wrong move.

Helmets lower the risk of injuries and reduce any chances of major impacts that can be caused on the brain due to an accident. When your little one starts this journey, sit down with them and teach them simple lessons on helmets.

Protection From Nature

Riding can give your kids a sense of freedom but then there's dust particles and so many other things that can cause problems. When the mercury drops, it can lead to issues like viral or cough & cold but when it’s too hot outside, it can lead to sunstroke.

Steer clear of all these issues just with one right step. Give your kid a helmet so that he can have an amazing riding experience.

Gives A Better Visibility

A helmet is not just any random item but it also helps gives ample opportunities to the rider to keep the focus on the road.

A good helmet with high-class quality reduces the effects of glaring headlights and moving vehicles as well. Not just that, It also helps in elevating your kid’s confidence.

Establishing An Early Habit Is A Good Call

Kid Needs To Wear A Helmet

Be a role model for your child's safety. Make sure they wear a helmet while riding their bike.

Letting your children learn the rules at an early age can help, no matter what sort of adventure they choose. It can be a tad bit difficult to convince them to wear one.

Follow this trick. Take them to the store and get your kid a helmet that he/she likes. Ask them to try it on and check for its comfort level before finally making a purchase.

Explain Why

Kids usually have questions when they are told to do something, Make good use of this conversation and let them learn the importance of wearing helmets. For a few kids, white lies work but not for all.

In such cases, you need to be utterly honest and let them know the benefits of using it. You can also tell them about the issues but make sure you don't scare them as it is a sensitive subject.

Reward Them

Yes, for your little one, it is going to be super boring to wear a helmet. But when you praise them or give them treats, they will wear it on their own and even make their friends understand the importance of wearing helmets.

The Fitting

A helmet should be square on the top and it should cover the whole forehead. They shouldn't be too small nor too big. Sizing can vary from brand to brand and hence you must buy it from a store.

Let your kid pick out the best one first as per his choice and then check for sizing. Make sure it has enough padding inside and a proper buckle that can be adjusted. It should also have a clear visibility frame that helps see the road better.

Take all these pointers into consideration so that your kid can have a pain-free ride!

Road Rules

It's not just the rule of wearing a helmet that will be helpful but there are other things you need to teach your kid.

  • Hands should not leave the handlebar, no matter what.
  • While leaving an alley or driveway, make sure there's no traffic in both the directions.
  • Never ride against the traffic and travel in the same direction as that of other vehicles.
  • If there are bike lanes, use them.
  • Never ride close to parked cars as the doors could just suddenly open.

Set A Good Example

If you are yourself reluctant about wearing helmets, your kid will never learn to wear one. Wearing a helmet looks fashionable and at the same time protects the rider from getting injured.

Wear it every time you head out and when your kid sits behind you, make him/her wear it too so they can learn its importance quickly.

Finally, A Checklist Of Other Things As Well

Remember to tell your kid to wear bright colors. Put reflectors on the bike so it helps your little one see other people and vice versa.

Avoid making them wear loose pants or oversized backpacks. Even shoelaces can be problematic as the chances of it getting stuck are higher.

Slip-on sneakers are the best call here. Make sure he/she wears gloves as well so there's proper grip. Never let them listen to music, no matter how much confidence they gain as it's a big-time distraction.

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